SysCore RP (11th at NISEI Tournament)

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EnderA 478

Some horizontal play, plus taxing ICE. It works, but it's definitely not optimal.

I would make some major changes to the list. 8/9 agendas must be advanced, so it needs more advanceable non-agendas so you don't telegraph every agenda (so Traps/Ronin.) Adding Punitive Counterstrike as an extra kill option would be valuable, too, to go along with Fetal AI, Priority Requisition, Neural EMP, Snare!, etc.

While Leela (in retrospect the strongest runner) is capable of neutering advanced traps, they prevent runners from pure remote-camping, giving you scoring windows, without which you just lose. She does make Jinteki shell game nonviable, though. A single steal off a central access will undo multiple turns of work, as will scoring any agenda!

Hunter is actually quite strong here, usually going on Archives to add a moderate tax at minimal cost. If they decide to go tag-me, it cost you almost nothing and they lose much of their economy, a favorable trade.

Runner here.