Foundry 2.0

tanderson11 71

11 Mar 2019 Chiphead404

Did you play it successfully?
Is it better than your Foundry Diversions Deck?
Had you play against 419 or Reina with power shutdowns, hippos and other stuff like this?

30 Mar 2019 tanderson11

Hi @Chiphead404 sorry didn't see your questions 'til now. I did run this deck to moderate success (70% winrate on jnet compared to 80% for Foundry Diversions, which I think is inflated because this deck should be better). It plays respectably against 419 and Reina. Hippos aren't a problem. 419 is probably the best runner, and it is of course tough, but Chiyashi is hard for Aumakua and putting up a taxing ice on each central can be enough to win. I would probably cut an Adonis for an NGO.