A MaxX without Money

Saan 2833

My idea was that Crowdfunding is sick in MaxX, since you throw away so much crap anyhow. I figured a nice, aggressive MaxX could be just fine with no Levy, since late-game could be fueled by your CFs and potentially Labor Rights to bring back econ.

In practice, this deck wasn't quite there. I think the theory might still be workable, but this isn't the exact pile of cards. Anyhow, CF is on the MWL now, and I don't really feel like you can run Corroders in MaxX and just hope you get them with no CCs, so I think the idea might be dead in the water before more builds can be tested.

Anyhow, I brought this to the no-stakes, no-prizes GNK Domecon warmup to see if it had legs, in case I wanted to run it. The answer was no! Mission successful.