If We Focus As A Group We Can Come Up With A Good Name

rongydoge 568

them counting events in their hand

The runner counting the number of events in their hand

OK - so this deck is real real dumb.

Once you get rolling, typically at the start of your turn your opponent will draw 4+ cards, and you'll gain 7+ credits. Savvy opponents will trash Personalized Portal but if they don't you make approximately one billion dollars. Agroplex is generally too big of a tempo hit to trash, so it sticks on the board.

Gameplan is to use Agroplex and Personalized Portal to make your opponent draw as many cards as possible at the start of their turn. Always trigger your Agroplexes first, then Portals to make the max amount of skrilla.

Then, use Focus Group to score a big Beale, since they'll have 7+ cards in hand. Beale in this deck is like a flexible GFI - you score 3 agendas and make them score 4. If you can get a 5 point Beale out of it even better. Since your opponent is drawing 3-6 cards at the start of their turn, you can generally land very large Focus Groups to overadvance your Beale. Scored Remastered Editions are useful to getting that last counter you need on the Beale to bump it up another point.

Generally against NEH runners feel like some assets are "must trash" - Jeeves, Temple, Amani, and sometimes Turtlebacks fit the bill. In this deck Portal is also a must trash, which means the runner will run and you'll have a window to use Focus Group.

If the runner thinks they can shut off your scoring plan by not running remotes to turn off Focus Group, you can never advance your 4/2s with Jeeves and score that way.

Ice suite is pretty unoptimized (re: awful). EULA is gonna be nigh unplayable in a world with Baklan and Chisel, Jua seemed like a cute idea to keep their hand full but never really does anything, and Archangel isn't great here either. Slot Machine helps you see what they're going to be drawing to land bigger Focus Groups. Peeping Tom would reveal the grip and works with this concept but it's pretty bad.

This is my first attempt at trying to break Focus Group. Give it a shot!

13 Mar 2019 negaDan

This looks like a lot of fun! I will have to give this a shot.

13 Mar 2019 moistloaf

IMO you need gearcheck etr In a deck like this to force runners to find breakers while you FA. Seems like this list just auto loses to RND pressure

14 Mar 2019 ctz

I absolutely love this. Good job

14 Mar 2019 negaDan

@moistloaflooking at the decklist... the problem is that you'd be "giving" the runner the breakers as they'd be drawing cards along with you. I'd assume you are instead trying to score out of hand or behind a really strong piece of ICE?

14 Mar 2019 rongydoge

@moistloaf Like I said the ice suite sucks but I think you want to be taxing on centrals rather than trying to gearcheck. Agroplex draws both players cards so you can get through R&D lock pretty easily unless they're on multiple RDI.

14 Mar 2019 Porkobolo

i think you should run cyberdex virus suit to sac it against clot

14 Mar 2019 Ajar

actions -> copy into my decks

14 Mar 2019 rongydoge

@Porkobolo - I agree, CVS is a great counter for Clot!

A couple things to remember in the Clot matchup:

  1. If the runner wants to install Clot to stop your FA, they have to do it before you play Focus Group. It's way less telegraphed than a Biotic or rezzing Reconstruction Contract, so it's harder for the runner to know when to get it out. (Plus if you want to you get to ask Action? after every install to evoke that zer0/CV nostalgia).

  2. It's a ton easier to purge Clots with Jeeves and maintain forward tempo!

15 Mar 2019 CryOfFrustration


15 Mar 2019 CryOfFrustration

Oooh! ooh! no! Agrotrain!

15 Mar 2019 CryOfFrustration

OK final effort: FASTROPLEX!

15 Mar 2019 lopert

My only regret is that Snoop never got to be paired with a deck like this to truly shine.

RIP Snoop, taken from us before your prime :(

22 Mar 2019 rongydoge

Alright so some edits since I posted this:

-2 EULA -2 Archangel -2 Jua -1 Amani

+3 Peeping Tom + 2 IP Block +1 Standard Procedure +1 Preemptive

Turns out Peeping Tom is actually good, who knew. Getting to see the runner's hand is valuable any way you can do it, and clicklessly is even better. Plus, if you put it in front of or behind Slot Machine, you can know their hand plus what they'll draw into via your agroplexes and personalized portals.

Standard Procedure gives you more econ, IP block because turtle is everywhere and it's a moderately effective tax.

24 Mar 2019 Dazzler

I'm just here for the name. Ya'll found a good name yet ?

4 May 2019 chaosjuggler

I've been working a fair bit on this deck and I think I've got it to a good place! Message me for a list, or, I post it about once a day in slack 😄

7 Jun 2019 CryOfFrustration

@chaosjugglerBUT WHAT ABOUT THE NAME! :D