Damage Regime 6th place & best Jinteki @ Nisei st tournament

mao 656


Definitely the strongest of my two decks.

Low agenda density, traps to punish multiaccess and to open scoring windows, ice and upgrades to make Obokata Protocol basically unstealable. The Future Perfect is ideally the agenda that you never want to score and Philotic Entanglement can be bluffed as an upgrade.

Of course, there is always the possibility to kill the opponent with ice like Data Loop, Kakugo and Border Control and upgrades like Marcus Batty (firing on a sub), Hokusai Grid and Prisec.

Wake Up Call is a great counter against Film Critic or hardware like Feedback Filter or Security Nexus. It can also open scoring windows.

I totally loved having Sadaka... Turning Wheel? Bye-bye.

Tsurugi is exceptional. Versatile, quite taxing and it does its fair share of damages.

This deck is very solid and the ID really contributes to the economy because the runner will be forced to draw often, almost every turn even in the middle-late game.