Techy Val - 6th place @ Nisei standard tournament

mao 656


Well... Don't listen to Bart Simpson!

I was teched against a lot of match-ups expecting asset spam and tag and bag decks. I was prepared also for glaciers packing Hippo, Ice Carver and Datasucker.

I tried to focus on doing less but more consistent runs. So I chose 2x R&D Interface that really paid off. The Turning Wheel as backup and to enforce even more the multiaccess.

Kati Jones for the big money even if sometimes I would have liked something faster. But ok, Kati guarantees money for all the duration of the match.

I didn't think there would have been so many Sportsmetal though. In swiss I faced and unexpectedly defeated one of them with an Omar run on R&D. In the top cut, unfortunately, I had to run three times in a row after the first game and I faced two Sportsmetal glacier. I defeated the first pressuring R&D but I lost the second match. In the lower bracket I faced a Sportsmetal combo deck, I managed to steal 5 points digging with R&D Interface but this enabled his combo and I watched him score 6 points in one turn.

I guess I wasn't prepared for the versatility of Sportsmetal and the speed that it can bring to glacier with its 2 cards draw for each agenda scored or stolen.

Going back I would definitely go with 3x of each ice-breaker. I never got to install Aumakua because I didn't need it and when I needed it they got trashed by Inject. So that's something to consider.