Next Level Jinja - 5th @ Bologna Regional

koga 710

Brought this deck to the Bologna Regional and did ok with it (3 - 3).
I've been playing with different iterations of this deck for a while, and I like the boost of clicks you get for the first couple of turns more than the Sports ability (although it's probably weaker)
Jinja + Violet Level Clearance + Rashida gives you so much speed, and all the ice you start with often gives you a crazy start.

It went 3 - 1 in the swiss (4th place), losing only to a Gang Sign Leela piloted by a friend of mine, Berzelius, who managed to snatch the 2 SSLs I had in hand (out of 8 cards) with a single Gang Sign + HQI, bringing him from 0 to 6.
He won after a little while, I don't remember what happened.
The other wins in the swiss rounds were against 419s (ChaosIsMe, Tzadek) and a WuRevoir (Leonardo), decks a bit too slow for this. Nothing special happened.

First game of the swiss was against another 419 Nexus piloted by BigPopp (who went on to win the tournament). With some good plays and a bit of luck he managed to win with the 3 SSLs after going completely bankrupt chasing an NGO in the remote, leaving me with my 3 CSTs scored. This was basically the only match where the deck kinda betrayed me, but I don't mind, it happens.
Last game, the one that knocked me out, was against my good friend Darta playing Apoc Val, a matchup we had practiced a couple nights before.
Basically the one with the better start was gonna win, and he got his first Apoc pretty early while I had no Architects around.

My runner for the event was pj20's Pirate Hayley which did an incredible job slaying Outfits left and right (went 4 - 1) losing to only one of them (gg ChaosIsMe), plus snatching a win in a very close game against a Jinja Sportsmetal piloted by Tzadek, who ended up placing 2nd in the cut.
The match in the top cut was a rematch against ChaosIsMe's Outfit where I risked losing to a double Punitive, card I had not seen during the match in the swiss (he had ~50$ when I stole a food), but was spared thanks to my new Plascrete-level protection, SMC + DJGeist.

The tournament was a lot of fun and everyone was lovely, it's probably the trip I've enjoyed the most so far (3 years since the first one), I hope to see everyone again soon. Thanks to Goblin Bologna for hosting the tournament and helping me with the stream (although I realized too late the problems with it were mostly issues with my laptop, not their internet or anything).
Grazie ancora a tutti!