Iain Annoys Corps During the Day, Dives Dumpsters at Night

bullseyetm 98

This is an iteration of a Iain deck I've played exclusively since H&P came out. I thought it was crazy and would never work, but was shocked at how strong it was! I've gone 5-1 in our weekly Netrunner nights. I know it's not perfect, which is why I'm posting it online for feedback, but here's the general idea.

The way I see Iain is his strength is in playing the long game and making fewer, more meaningful runs. This is of course counter-intuitive to what the Runner needs to do to win, so we're going to win by stalling and slowing the Corp in the 2nd and 3rd phases of the game, dumping agendas into Archives, and making a glorious last turn run at Archives, making it as expensive as possible for them to rez with whatever econ you left them with.

We'll be draining the Corp's coffers with Account Siphon, Emergency Shutdown, and Crescentus. Force them to Ice up all their servers by using John Masanori and Security Testing on any open server. The Source will make the Corp hesitate and keep Agendas in their hand, so go for a tutored Legwork if you're going for a fun 'alternate' win condition.

Sit back in those first few turns. Remember, Iain wants the Corp to score first! Once that's done, hit them with The Source, and make a sure meaningless runs to get them to Rez ICE just so you can De-rez it. These runs will be expensive with Crypsis, but who cares! Break their ICE, then De-rez it. Ideally, the Corp will be struggling for credits, all while you're earning a click-less 2 credits for doing nothing. While the Corp is focusing on how they're going to earn credits, you'll be either hitting R&D hard with Keyhole, or using Data Link Reversal (protected by Fall Guy) as hard as you can. After you've come close to decking the Corp, or you think victory is either in your hand or the Corp's, it's time for one final glory run at Archives, supported by Running Interference.

A couple weaknesses. First: Jackson Howard. You have to assume they're going to retrieve 9 cards from Archives. He is your #1 target. Most corps won't realize that attacking archives is your main goal (it's not like your goal is printed on your Identity like Noise). Hopefully, you'll be draining their credits so hard that they'll waste his ability on econ cards. Force them to make this decision by making trashing Jackson YOUR #1 PRIORITY. Hopefully, once they figure out what your game plan is, they're already wasted 1 or 2 of him.

You're also going to run tag-me mid-way through the game with all those Account Siphons and the need to get Data Link out. "But Bullseyetm, look at all your resources!". Trashing all of these resources is even more of a credit drain on the Corp. Ideally, you're going to use your Fall Guys to protect Data Leak Reversal, with The Source as a secondary target. The Corp is NOT going to want to waste an entire turn and six credits trashing two Fall Guys and a Data Leak Reversal, but if they don't all the better for you, JUST KEEP DIGGING! Freelancer is an obvious weakness, so if you see that a ton in your meta that'll be a problem.

A nice little discovery I made is all of this pressure on the Corp's economy and cycling through R&D does SHOCKINGLY well against HB:CI decks, I'm 2-0 against them and both victories were due to decking. Also, all these new Jinteki traps we're seeing hurt a lot less when you're saying "Go ahead and score the first point, that just starts up my econ" or when you're only accessing Remotes, HQ, R&D on your terms.

Thoughts, advice, and critiques are welcome.

14 May 2014 Cancer Ace

Seems like a solid concept. I'm running an Iain Sterling build that uses similar tactics while trying to stop them from ever being able to rez ICE. My programs are a bit more minimal, but may I ask Why Crypsis? I find him rather tedious to operate. I run Overmind with E3 Feedback Implants. Having to feed him clicks to keep him operating is just too costly for my deck, though I am not sure how he plays in yours. Do you think you might have a better option for an AI breaker?

15 May 2014 bullseyetm

@Cancer Ace - Crypsis is click-intensive, yes, but it's kinda fun to put two or three counters on it and see what the Corp does. For example:

[My Turn] - I'll take my two credits, draw, then put three counters on Crypsis.

[Your Turn] - I'll draw and clear viruses.

[My Turn] - I'll take my two credits, draw, then put three counters on Crypsis

You can see where this is going. The click-less 2 credits, for me, frees up a click here or there to spend on Crypsis.

Besides, I'm not entirely sold on Overmind... two reasons. One, I hate the idea that it has a number of fixed uses. Once you're down to your last few counters, you might as well say to the Corp "Welp, I have one more run left in me, time to Ice up and score that agenda". I like Overmind with E3, but you're digging for a two-card combo before your runs become economical.

I say all of this with absolutely no experience with the card. Maybe in practice it works great. I will say that I've considered dumping Keyhole for Levy AR Lab Access to get more use out of my Resources, and with that card, Overmind is a lot more appealing.

15 May 2014 Alsciende

@bullseyetm I'm surprised that you don't play Hostage to tutor The Source. Are you fine if you don't draw it?

15 May 2014 bullseyetm

@Alsciende I think if I had just a few more connections I could justify putting Hostage in there. If I don't draw into one of the 2x The Source early, I'll tutor one with Logos. I like the idea though.

Someone had recommended dropping 1x The Source for a Vamp, and in that situation, I'd probably have to include Hostage.