NUCLEAR SUBMARINE: 4th at uncommons SC

riotprl 31

Here's how the day went:

Got swept round 1 by groenkaaf.

Got a bye round two and had bareburger with the boys (redino987 and shiiuga).

Swept limnrix and geekgirl913 rounds two and three to NUCLEAR SUBMARINE my way into my very first cut.

Got taken apart by skry, my testing partner and netrunner spirit guide.

Had the time of my fucking life, nearly a year to the day after my very first event.


You should not play this deck. You should take the good cards from it, add better cards, and thus play a better deck! The good cards are Slot Machine, Scarcity, and the agenda suite; I've added Focus Group and Standard Procedure to leverage all the great running runners are doing right now into a more reliable FA plan. The ID, your constant bone-rolling, and Scarcity work together to help you keep cards of whatever type you choose in the runner's hand so you can reliably proc the combo (with your Azmari money, Standard Procedure, and a Remastered token if necessary). Consider keeping a Border Control to kill an unacceptable Embezzle, but otherwise your influence can be better spent.