Free Money!*

lordofthetoasters 337

*Money may not be free. Monthly fee applies. Attempts to close advertisements may be met with frustration. Your PAD may be repossessed if you do not keep up with your payments. Bioroids may contain traces of HAL 9000. Hands in the mirror may be larger than they appear. Results from your Focus Group may vary.

13 Jul 2019 mrteatime66

This looks awful. And AMAZING!

15 Jul 2019 Saan

I'd love to see 2-3 Standard Procedure in here somewhere. Not only do they combo nicely with the Portals and the Agroplex, but they can make a clever click 1 play before Focus Group in order to see exactly what to call out to get the most bang for your buck.

Honestly, this deck is kinda a cool idea.

17 Jul 2019 lordofthetoasters

@Saan This version is probably better :)

18 Jul 2019 Saan

Hah, I thought this looked familiar for some reason =P