Leelock - 1st place Turin Regional (4-1) - MWL 3.3

koga 722

Basically a mix of @Tugtetgut 's popular Leela shell + the good old @Cerberus idea of playing 3xRDI in Leela.
Felt good to play a slower game with RDI & Rezeki now that that monstrous card is banned.
Often you lock their money down and dig, sometimes you just lock R&D.
Expecting very few asset spams (those decks are not popular around here) I cut the Miss Bones for a Legwork. Found no asset spam (there was 1 out of 16), had I found any Gagarin or IG things would have probably been different.
With an asset spam heavy meta I'd probably cut the Kati for Miss Bones, but better players will show you the best decks anyway :)

  • Swiss: loss against Tightrope, wins against Jinja Sportsmetal, Argus, Jinja Sportsmetal.
  • Top cut: win against Architects

Here's my corp deck.

The event was wonderful and it was super nice to have everyone here (as always). Shoutout to JollyJoker for having us, @Berzelius & @Darta for the organization and @Aurbits for the cool additional prizes (go check them out)!