University Kit (2nd Place DracheNäscht, 2-2)

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For the DracheNäscht Winterturnier 2019 Random ID tournament, I drew Kit from the ID pool and this is the deck that I built and took to 2nd place (15 players total).

Boardstate progression + credit math

I took an Inversificator Kit to Pommes's wonderful deck swap tournament in Nürnberg earlier this year and he gave me lots of good feedback on it afterwards to help me understand why what I had built was rubbish.

Learning from that, I made the tweaks needed to get the deck working and I decided that I hated it - it needed too many pieces on the board, installing Engolo was expensive and I really missed ProCo but the tempo hit on the install made Kit's ID blank in the early game because I then didn't have enough credits to run.

So instead I decided to try Study Guide and it turns out it's bloomin' amazing when combined with Stimhack and Multithreader, both of which make boosting it easy, cheap and force the Corp to assume you can get into most single-or-double Iced servers once it hits the table.

Initially I was using only Stimhack to push the Study Guide from 0 to 4 in a single run but @CableCarnage suggested Multithreader and it was the piece I needed to complete the puzzle - tutoriable, efficient, versatile and didn't require me to use up precious early clicks in running to utilise it's benefit.

So many cards give you turn after turn of efficiency in this deck and SMC lets you dig up those elusive pieces that ProCo is reluctant to bring forth. Combined with Kit, you are able to contest from early-mid game and if the Corp takes too long to find their agendas, you can often check any new install-advanced cards in the remote while maintaining your R&D lock into the late game. The only problem is that against rush decks, there's not much you can do - ProCo is expensive and unless you see SG and Multithreader very early, you have to wait for Rezeki or Kati to give you enough money to start breaking.

Possible changes:

  • This deck definitely needs two Film Critics. I would probably cut a Diesel.

Round breakdown:

- Round 1 vs Vesper (Chaos Theory: Wünderkind)

Vesper didn't see agendas early and was R&D locked from turn 7 or 8. Not much he could have done.

- Round 2 vs Oggbonaion (Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within)

Nicholas found Ice, money and two early Obokatas. By the time I was able to contest the remote, I still hadn't found my FC and the Stimhack brain damage was making it hard to steal anything. Then I made a stupid mistake and failed to make a successful run, forgetting that would give him all he needed to score the single advanced Obo with his three credits.

- Round 3 vs b3ar (NEXT Design: Guarding the Net)

b3ar rushed out early behind three Ice while I was still setting up. He got great draw and there was very little I could do.

- Round 4 vs Hihachu (Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World)

All of Hihachu's agendas were sitting at the bottom of R&D and that gave me time to get my full rig set up, with 2 x RDI, 2 x Rezeki and all my breakers. Between Kati, the Stimhacks, the Rezekis and my Pelangis, I was able to keep a not-too-pourous R&D lock through all five Ice protecting R&D.


A huge thank you to @met4 for organising the tournament and letting me stay with them; to @lukenukem for the incredible pumpkin soup and testing games leading up to the event; to @cablecarnage for the deck advice and tips that ultimately turned my weak-ass deck into something that did pretty well; and to all my lovely opponents throughout the day. I can't wait to come again next year :)

Note that all the above thoughts and comments are in the context of the limited ID tournament - top 16 and any IDs played more then 2-5% at Worlds were all removed from the pool.

19 Nov 2019 sanjayshelat

That's a really fab write up! That multi threader with study guide looks like a lovely Combo :-)

19 Nov 2019 sanjayshelat

Hang on, WOAH... YOU R&D locked through 5 pieces of ice?!?!

20 Nov 2019 scd

Bringing back Study Guide in 2019. I love this.

20 Nov 2019 mrteatime66

@sanjayshelat I managed about 3 runs with 3 accesses then Joanna got wise and the Tollbooth went down, the Border Control and the Data Raven. Still got in three times after that to see 9 cards out of 11. It's a fun deck :)

20 Nov 2019 mrteatime66

@sanjayshelat I managed about 3 runs with 3 accesses then Joanna got wise and the Tollbooth went down, the Border Control and the Data Raven. Still got in three times after that to see 9 cards out of 15 that she drew. I got very very lucky that none of the cards she found were agendas, but also I probably managed to access close to 21 cards in R&D that game.

It's a fun deck :)