D2D for italian national

cetti 27

this is a D2D - Aryabhata deck i brought to italian national on 23/24 november. I've won all 5 swiss round, 4 by Boom and 1 by scoring. This deck use D2D-aryabhata to keep runner poor so you can win by scoring if the runner has Misdirection or other type of tag/meat protection. If the runner start to stack money before run, use reversed accounts.

I've won versus:

  • 2 smoke (the second one is my luckiest win cause i've trashed a misdirection from hand during the single meat damage from D2D when he was tagged !!! And he won't find clone chip for the rest of the match)

  • 2 adam (1 scoring and 1 boom)

  • 1 khumalo

I've drop top 8 cause i prefered play Cubo Draft ( try it if you can...it's SUPER FUN!!)