Car Full of Nukes.

KittensDeluxe 81

Currently considering the shadow/builder deck slots for crisium grids and/or etr code gate.

Edit, 2/23/2015: I do feel trading builder for an etr code gate (data pike/enigma) is a strong option and have had success with it, it is more consistent than builder but with less potential.

8 Feb 2015 Saan

This looks almost suspiciously like a deck I played against in the greater PDX area on Thursday. I liked it then, and I think I like this now. A problem see with a lot of Argus decks is that people, for some reason, put super-minimal economy in them. This one seems to do a better job on that front.

I also like playing no Hostile Takeover with the Checkpoints. BP just makes the trace worthless, so I think it's a good idea to avoid it.

8 Feb 2015 Oisin

I'd be interested to know how well Midseason Replacements works here. I went with a low agenda deck (7 agendas), and so with 2 SEA Source and punitive rather than midseasons and traffic accident.

My list is here:

8 Feb 2015 KittensDeluxe

@Saan Thank you for the feedback. As for you having played against a similar deck, I think it's very likely that I was piloting it.

8 Feb 2015 KittensDeluxe

@Oisin I've never been a fan of snare, I feel that its more of a speed bump for the runner than an actual tool for the corp. The midseasons have done great, I think when faced with the option of clearing 5+ midseasons tags (or losing a lot of money fighting trace), many runners just admit that at least they turned off my identity.

I went with traffic accident/scorched as a way to combat IHW, and more control over when I go for the kill.

23 Feb 2015 unitled

Don't know whether you've updated this deck since here, just saw it linked to off a (your?) Traffic Accident review! Looks like great fun, I'd be keen to give this a go. Just a quick thought, though; have you considered Shell Corp over Melange? Shell Corp baits the runner into a server quite effectively and could be used to force them into running on a 1 point agenda when you're ready for the Midseason play. You'll probably get less money than with Melange I think, but it doesn't stop you using a remote when you want an agenda in there.

23 Feb 2015 KittensDeluxe

@unitled I have an updated version of the deck, but I don't think it is more viable than this build, simply a bit more consistent. About Shell Corp, I never seriously considered it because it isn't as effective in the early game, which is usually the easiest time to win a considerable midseasons. I think melange is pretty taxing for the runner behind a hive.

For the one point agendas, I'm just as happy to score them as have them stolen for a midseasons. Posted bounty usually can kill a kati or other econ, while false lead just helps set up kills.

I'm never shy to trash a melange if i want to put an agenda in there, but usually the melange/howard server is behind a single checkpoint or hive, while my scoring server is a wormhole and a fire wall.

I could see the benefits of having a shell corp behind a data raven or taurus, even if just to get them to rez. I might try running -1 Fire Wall +1 Shell Corp and see how that feels.

15 Mar 2015 leopold42

I'm looking for some corp deck, that can make heavy damage to runner. I'm trying jinteki, HB with Project Junebug and Cerebral Overwriter, even NEH with Scorched Earth and Traffic Accident. But this one is really makes me feel myself a bad guy! )) This deck have a very good pack of ICE, very taxing even if runner have a full rig. Even better, that i can just advance some ICE like Fire Wall or Shadow, so it's going more and more taxing for runner to go throw them to R&D, for example. Sometimes I could score The Cleaners at early game, just behind Wormhole and 1 rezzed Ice Wall or Enigma, because of wormhole str 7 and runners haven't enough money to go throw it, and then damage from any caution is really big. I burn one guy's 2 installed Plascrete Carapace with 2 Scorched Earth and finished him then with Traffic Accident! It was totally cool! Also, I'm truying to add 1 Shell Corporation (remove Fire Wall) and it was handy in 1 or 2 games.

Thx for this build :)~