#germany wants to play Hayley

qvm 1712

When Harbinger got erratad to not eat the Hayley trigger last week, #germany wanted to know whether Hayley is back.

A great Hayley needs a great decoder (i.e., not Gordian), so I was happy to find out that Euler is busted.

Leonhard Euler


The turn its installed, Euler, backed up by Talut mutates to an Ubereuler. In order to use it as much as possible, we take a trick out of the book of my last Hayley deck and pack three Pelangis.


Better than Clone Chip in this deck.

  • The extra trash cost is an advantage if you want to refresh Euler, but have none in the bin yet.
  • With the discount, refreshing Eulers is free


Similar pay-off to Cache, but doesn't use memory. Be careful whether you want to sell a flipped or unflipped Harbinger, as this influences whether Simulchip requires an extra trash. However, that trash may be an advantage (see above).

Due to requiring two trashes, there are sometimes too many trashables. Could consider going down to 2.

Artist Colony / Fan Site vs. Paule's Cafe

Installing more Eulers and Pelangis on-demand is pretty cool. You can try Paule's Cafe instead (we have enough unique connections). In that case, consider adding a second Talut.


This build is luckily not as memory-hungry as past Hayleys, so one console is enough. This one is pretty good I heard (bonus for switching a stolen Vacheron with a non-Vacheron agenda and winning the game)


This can easily be an Ika, but I had some spare inf.


Gauss is not good, so we go with Corroder. Talut already boosts strength enough, and we have no plans to repeatedly install breakers other than Euler.


Should really be in this list. There's plenty of inf that can be moved around, and works great with Simulchip. But I'm not going to a tournament any time soon, so this list is a bit relaxter.


Uses a lot of memory and is clunky. Yes, it can mean an unbounded amount of Ubereulers, but that style may be better suited to Wu.


Simulchip 4-6, but not preinstallable. I didn't have slots for this. Competes for hand slots with other Eulers (if you don't have Paule).

Other ways to spend inf

22 Dec 2019 Di4na


22 Dec 2019 qvm

Give it a shot!

I'd pay attention to the memory situation though. Also unclear if you'd still want proco.

24 Dec 2019 demoy

What about a Data Dealer over Turntable, go down 1 Artist Colony? Maybe replace Bukhgalter with Na'No'Tek, add a Hostage and Clot, and and in faction console. Also why do you suggest Ika to replace Bukhagalter over Na'No'Tek? I wish Bukhgalter didn't eclipse all other sentry breakers it's basically the Paperclip of killers.

24 Dec 2019 qvm

Good ideas, try them out! My problem with fine-tuning the deck is that I (everyone?) don't know what the comp corp landscape looks like at the moment. For example there currently no answer to horizontal decks in this list, but I don't know if it's needed.

I'd play ika over nano for the cheap install. it has inflexibilities, but pelangi helps you navigate these. While we might not like bukghalter's power-level, buk/pelangi -> contest early remotes sounds amazing. So for me buk > ika > nano, though depending on corps, ika/nano might be swapped.

28 Dec 2019 gilesdavis

Damn filthy casuals, the lot of you...

Hayley isn't back, she never went anywhere <3

2 Jan 2020 errantmage

Overall, this deck seems to have 6 total "on" turns with Euler. Are there turns where you run with Euler and pay the full break-prices, or are you relying on Pelangi to paint code gates into other things on the "off" turns?

Did you consider Takobi? Free breaks seem like nightmare fuel for it.

2 Jan 2020 qvm

Yes, there are turns where you pay fully with Euler. Depends on the code gates and the situation (you don't want to necessarily burn an Ubereuler on a single, midrange codegate). As the other breakers are not really better, I rarely paint code gates something else.

Takobi might require more memory, which is tricky with a single akamatsu. Overall, the deck's pretty good at breaking ice, so I would try to shore off some other weaknesses.

3 Jan 2020 yangtze2000

Noobie here: I'm going to go with this as my first ever Runner deck :)

11 Jan 2020 Skandrino

Scarcity means you lose right?

20 Jan 2020 Skandrino

Have you tried Jackpot! with the Fan Sites? Could be quite nice!

20 Jan 2020 yangtze2000

I've run this deck a fair few times now. I like it! Can we get away with fewer unique cards (e.g. multiples of Aesops seems like a waste)? Can we get a larger grip? Perhaps something to reveal face-down Corp cards (to better target the UberEulers?)?

20 Jan 2020 yangtze2000

Go with Gauss to save the 2 influence? Not much difference compared to Corroder, and Euler/Pelangi's going to be doing most of the heavy lifting anyway?

20 Jan 2020 yangtze2000

Yes Skandrino, I played once against a Scarcity and it was HORRIBLE!!! So something to stop a current if you can't steal an agenda? Oh, and more money please? Though perhaps with a reveal capability more money would be unnecessary?