IDC Big Money Blue Sun (4th Place Undefeated)

Pinkwarrior 2334

HB Cybernetics -> Bluesun

This deck did so much work for me during the tournament going undefeated and ultimately getting me to 4th, simple concept score agendas get big ICE down for free keep em out with Ash, Keep them guessing as to if you have punitive or other kill.

4 May 2020 Sanjay

There were a lot of decks I loved this tournament, but I think this was my favorite to see (though not at the time since it just shreddddded my Jesminder deck).

4 May 2020 Pinkwarrior

Aw Thanks as simple a concept as it is I did get a few people saying the liked the deck. I wouldn't say shredded though those "Baklan" Bochkin's hurt.

7 May 2020 Myldside

Love the idea of using OAI on Tyr. Even if they fully click through to trash it, you're probably just fine with getting 3 Biotic Labors for the cost of an install and a credit.

Tyr in general is just gross, ugh. All of those subs are simply awful. I laughed when I first saw "Gain 3 credits" stapled onto the second sub. Because, y'know... trashing any runner card wasn't quite good enough.