Gotta Go Hunger Fast (Identity Crisis, 2nd Place)

Sanjay 3080

Look, I know hunger fasts aren't just a general Indian politician thing, and that it's really just Gandhi, but if you have a better name for a Ken Tenma -> Jesminder deck, I'm all ears.

If you've ever built a Jesminder deck, you know she is absolutely starving for influence. Of course you play 3 Hot Pursuit, and you want to spend some good stuff influence on Stimhacks and Turning Wheels and the like, and after all that you have barely any room for Az's best buddy, "Baklan" Bochkin.

As someone who loves to play Jes, I was overjoyed that with themeanlady's Identity Crisis tournament that she would finally be unhindered.

The deck as-is suffered a bit because if the corp could stop me from getting into HQ, that really put the breaks on my econ. But it was quite a rush playing all the beautiful run-based nonsense Jesminder has always wanted but could never afford.

I went 2-2 on the day.

Ultimately, I was able to get second place in the tournament because my opponent had to leave and so I got a bye in the last round, which is a pretty lucky situation for table 1.

But also Baklan rules and I love him.

3 May 2020 Pinkwarrior

Loved where you went with this never though of Jes for the tournament was a pleasure to see and play against.

4 May 2020 Sanjay

Thank you for saying so! I think our matchup really highlighted the reason for Rezekis and maybe even Katis to help vs glacier, so if I ever play this again, you gave me some of the best data.

4 May 2020 Pinkwarrior

I dunno if that's good to hear or bad to hear I suppose it deepens on if i end up having to play it again :). In all honesty though am glad it helps, I just wish i had brought a more creative runner with well theirs always next time.