Always Sometimes Nexus - 1st place at Iberian Lockdown 4

Cpt_nice 1325

How you run knowing you can bypass ice every turn and jack out at any sentry

After seeing that Nero got both a second AND a first place spot in other Diversified Portfolio events, I wanted to see if I he really is as underrated as he seems. And seeing as how I got first place at the fourth edition of Iberian Lockdown, he might be.

A few others had the same idea, as there were two stealth Neros and one Nero deck which was just Anicam 419 in a different coat. I decided to stick with Nexus though, as playing a link runner without emulating Sunny always feels a bit weird.

The spiciest include in the deck is definitely the single Mad Dash, which won me two games, one of which in the cut against 6 agenda Seidr on Punitive. I wish I could say it was meta foresight, but I just added it because I was on 3 Falsified. Also, I couldn't add Critic or Corporate Grant, and I felt Gang Sign and Dorm Computer would have been meh.

The Archivist is a card I love to include if I have room for it, even though the ability didn't fire once the entire day... The link was appreciated though. Mongoose was my alternative to Bukghalter, and it was adequate in combination with Nexus and Aumakua.

Outside of the aforementioned cards, the list is mostly a good stuff crim deck, and it did good crim things. It beat Palana, Chronos and Acme in swiss, and Seidr in the cut. It only lost to Spombo ASA after I got to 5 points.

Special thanks again to Vesper for his effort into making these events so fantastic, and thanks to everyone who joined. See you next time!

12 May 2020 BlackCherries

Huh, no Rogue Trading?

Congrats on the win!

12 May 2020 Cpt_nice

@BlackCherriesSlots. I wanted to add it though.


13 May 2020 SMITTYL

Congrats @Cpt_nice! Yeah he is defo underrated in this format! @BlackCherries I tested Rogue Trading in mine initially and found that you needed both Citadel and Rogue Trading and if you don’t draw both they rush you out, I’m sure there’s a version that rocks this but that’s just my experience.