Singin' & Swingin' MWL 3.3 (1-3 Cambridge Regionals 2019)

dnddmdb 223

This is the deck I brought to Cambridge Regionals. I knew I wanted to play Eddie Kim, and the deck went through a couple of evolutions. It started out running one of each Interface (my only regret is that Preemptive Action cannot feel my hate). It turns out Archives Interface is just too slow.

I then took some inspiration from @HiddenAway's Enter MAWHAMMER, and Maw really does work well with multiaccess/Kim. After some testing, using the Conspiracy suite is just so inefficient against big ice. With some advice from @Subtric, I decided to swap out Paperclip for Gang Sign as my restricted card, which is a lot of fun in this deck.

With no Paperclip, I changed up the breaker suite and dropped Inject, and Utae was relatively easy to incorporate into the deck.

Once you get set up, Gang Sign, Bhagat, and Maw just wreak havoc on the Corp. I think No One Home and Fencer Fueno are underrated, and have done a decent amount of work in my matchups. Divide and Conquer is your secret weapon that can give you a lot of accessing/trashing power.

Unfortunately, the deck is just too inconsistent; I had a hard time getting my breakers out. Games went as follows:

Game #1 (loss) vs. Gagarin: Played against the typical good Gagarin. Got tagged up early on with HHN (was just a credit or two short of avoiding with No One Home. Managed to snipe all the High-Profile Targets with Eddie Kim, but lost to Urban Renewals when I couldn't keep up.

Game #2 (win) vs. NEH: Didn't have much time for the game because the first game had gone on long, so I figured I just needed to snag a few points before time was up. I ran like crazy, checking the remotes and centrals when I could. I managed to snag 7 points despite having 8 tags.

Game #3 (loss) vs. Saraswati: I realized this was the decklist of the week but couldn't get set up fast enough to stop them as they started their Nisei train.

Game #4 (loss) vs. The Outfit: This was a rigshooter deck, basically the one matchup I was very worried about. I lost Corroder early on to Trebuchet, then lost Na'Not'K and my other Corroder as meat damage to Contract Killer. Past that I was pretty much locked out.

Changes: The deck needs some more consistency. I think I would drop Aumakua and add another one of each breaker, maybe dropping Bhagat and Stimhack. Alternatively, I might drop Aumakua and one Turning Wheel and add in Special Order or Clone Chip. Or, adding back in the Conspiracy Breakers and Inject might be the right move.

If anyone gets this thing to work, I'd love to hear about it!