bigfleet 47

The World Premiere

Based on the Bang Bang deck, I brought this to the Icebreaker and went 3-0 (including one over @rotage, a quality player!) That was better than I had done with Titan FA in my testing, and it was already sleeved up. I figured that the meta was mostly expecting CI (correct) and that AgInfusion would avoid the hate in a way that Titan wouldn't (correct, but PU would have been even a better call on that front).

Went 2-4 with one of the losses timed in the main event. Certainly could have been 3-3 and had better chances. Changing the name based on the less impressive performance.

Rd. 1

Against Jacob H from the Seattle meta, I mulled into 6 agendas in the first 7. Quetzal was certainly willing to run HQ and pick up an early pair of agendas. He was satisfied that was enough and moved over to pulling R&D once I got a Kakugo on HQ. I was able to stabilize and get a Nisei MK II counter, but he pulled the winning agenda off single-access R&D.

Rd. 2

Against Mark of IceIceHedgeFund fame on Clone Chip (I think?) Smoke. My draw was amazing, and I got both a Chiyashi and DNA Tracker rezzed, with the typical Excalibur over Sand Storm target remote. A Chiyashi rez took Mark to 0 to break, and then had to take a few turns to recover. Mark then had to run through that DNA tracker a lot and had no luck. A lucky one, but I happily took it after last game.

Rd. 3

Against CowboyHatValor on Aesop's Stevepocalypse. I played poorly to my counterplay having hit the first Apoc with DNA Tracker rez. I had hoped to squeak out a Nisei token to help prevent it in the future, but he went off and I never fully recovered.

Rd. 4

Against Obscurica of Medium and Twitter fame on Gang Sign Leela, I executed one of the primary gameplans. Turtle got him through a taxing remote, paying several of his few remaining cards for an Obokata and had the Punitive Counterstrike in hand for the flatline win.

Rd. 5

Against a British netrunner whose name begins with J and I played twice (embarrassing!) on Clone Chip Hayley. By far the worst I played (possibly ever) and gave away game in which I was in dominating position for no reason. After having picked up a never-advanced Philotic in the remote, and a Nisei off a single-access R&D run, I saw that I could double Punitive after an Obokata to win if I ran him through the remote a couple times to drain money. That's 7 points, you big dummy! My play was so bad he was super confused.

Rd. 6

My last game, against the British gentleman and music aficionado sixtyten. I don't really remember anything about this game except it going to time as the last game of the day. He shared the ticket with me and offered to buy me a soda. Next time Andy!


Worlds is amazing, you should go. I have to figure out how to go every year now.

Cerebral Overwriter would have been better for me as Breached Dome or Shi.Kyū or basically anything else and re-spending the influence. It intimidated some people but was never a legitimate threat. Or, it must accompany a "Clones are not People" option since they won't run an advanced remote after it doesn't sting them the turn after getting to 4.