The Enemy of my Anemone (6th @ Feb 3 2024 AMT)

Ensades 111

This deck went undefeated at the AMT, beating out Hoshiko, Esa, and Ken (which you can watch here).

The central idea behind the deck came from a conversation with a few fellow Ottawa players - first you need to build a server with a Tucana, Hokusai, and Fujii. When the runner access and steals the Fujii, they take 4 net damage (1 Hokusai + 2 Fujii + 1 PE) and then you Tucana in an Anemone on the same server, rezzing it immediately and doing another 2 net damage. Which should probably kill most runners that aren't holding a Steelskin.

How many times have I actually pulled off that combo, you ask? Zero! But it turns out the deck is still good anyway. In fairness, the influence for Tucana could probably be better spent elsewhere - but sometimes you have to dream big.

I don't think any of the rest of the card choices will be that surprising. Hokusai on RND came in clutch in one game vs. a Stargate (as a Stargate run doesn't allow them to access and trash any upgrades). Also Blood in the Water remains my favorite Netrunner card of all time. It just feels good.

I think all my wins came down to the runner running out of cards in their deck, and then dying to an Anemone, Snare, or agenda zap. It wasn't even intended to be a grinder deck, but a lot of runners burn through their decks pretty quick right now, which is excellent for PE!