Bionic Mulder (1st @ Dragon's Lair SC)

Rhyme 155

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In the mood for something else than anarch for the last SC of the season, I decided to give Adam a whirl. RNG Key + FTT had already cemented itself as my favorite combo of this season (with me trying to cram it into every deck I build nowadays), why not try the OG Truthseeker?

Much to my surprise the deck went undefeated through swiss and cut, ending with a 6-0 record. I cannot point to any single MVP card in the deck, but the combination of the Directives (the three who matter), RNG Key and Emergent Creativity must be pretty strong. I say must be, because honestly I don't really understand how it did so well.

I did learn a few helpful things about the deck though:

  • Never use Emergent Creativity for anything else than breakers (unless you already have the breaker suite readily available).

  • You might think ABR is worth starting with in certain match-ups. This is your mind playing tricks on you.

  • Multithreader is a crutch. I didn't install one all day, and even though they're nice fodder for Emergent Creativity I'd much rather have an extra two Overmind.

All in all Adam is a lot of fun to play. I highly doubt he'll survive into the Regional season but with some tweaking who knows?

20 Mar 2018 hlynurd

Well done!

25 Mar 2018 Greek Geek

Congrats for the win. I didn't thought Deuces Wild was worth it but seeing the deck in the Stream I was convinced. Running a similar build but I really like the tweaks you made. I almost never use Multithreaders myself, and I ussually try to trash a conspiracy breaker to fecth the next in order to save clicks unless I am running against Scorpios