Oh S#*t. It's Kit. (12th/48 at Laser Runner)

Pommes 318

EDIT: Wet Toastie told me I should put a funny GIF in the description. Since he struck me as a very wise man I used the Google und took the first GIF that made me giggle a lot. Here it is:


EDIT 2: Currently trying things to make this NISEI Standard legal: -1 DJ Fenris, -3 Fan Site, -2 Shadow Net, -1 Maker's Eye, +2 Kati Jones, +1 Psych Mike, +1 Same Old Thing, +2 RnD Interface, +1 Stimhack

After lots of tinkering and playing this Kit list in various tournaments, it took me to 12th place out of 48 players in the awesome awesome awesome Laser Runner tournament last weekend. Being such an underdog ID it got quite a few people interested in me sharing the list, so here we go.

About some of the card choices:

Spear Phishing

This card was the MVP in the deck and well worth the 3 influence if you expect to encounter any glacier. Spooned is of course never wrong in Kit, but given the fact that I ran against 5 Mtis during 6 rounds of Swiss, I‘d rather even have a second Spear Phishing instead. The first ice is a code gate because Kit, second ice is a code gate because Engolo, inner one is speared, Mti triggered one is still speared. Awesomesauce!


The second hero card in the deck. One is enough; you only need it in the late game when there are 3+ pieces of ice in one place. If there are multiple non code gates on a server (Surveyors in particular), go for a big rig with a second Engolo, supported by Cyberdelia.

Kyuban + Clone Chip

I rarely installed Kyuban the normal way but rather overdrew and threw them in the bin. Once you run into something worthwhile, clone it on encounter to mitigate the costs from Engolo or make Cortex Lock into a super Mopus. If they choose to overwrite the ice, that is of course fine. Always install every Clone Chip you draw to keep Kyuban going.


This one raised almost as many eyebrows as Spear Phishing, but especially after the recent rules update it either makes you insane amounts of money or taxes them a click and 3 credits each. During the last three tournaments only two of my opponents bothered to get rid of them because the tempo hit is just too annoying.


Not needed in most games, but useful against rush decks with their Wraparounds and Vanillas to save the Engolo ability.

Fan Site + The Shadow Net

Mostly self-explanatory. Use it either for money bursts with Sure Gamble or, more often, keep the The Maker's Eye spam going. Sometimes it is even well worth it to forfeit a 1-pointer in order to Spear Phish into a scoring remote.

DJ Fenris

This is sometimes useful, sometimes just funny, but one could make a strong argument that the 1 influence should rather be spent for a Stimhack. If I installed it, I got Steve in 95% of the time, otherwise Quetzal. Steve helps to play even more The Maker's Eye (shoutout to Bast10n!) or to get PAD Tap back if you want to be extra annoying.

Starting Hand

Any combination of Sure Gamble, Diesel and Professional Contacts is nice, as expected. Putting down several PAD Tap turn one feels also very nice.

Oh S#*t. That‘s It!

This whole weekend was fun beyond belief. Thanks to Jakuza for going even more than the extra mile and to all the lovely attendees and helpers! See you soon!

26 Nov 2018 Cpt_nice

Thanks to you I know want to run Spearfishing in everything to give MTI the middle Finger

26 Nov 2018 Pommes

@Cpt_nice Keep track of the Anansis though! Or just have the Kyubans in hand if you suspect Anansi to have them trashed by damage and clone them clicklessly later. Value! :D

26 Nov 2018 ayyyliens

12th place the hype is reall!!!!! :D Congrats

26 Nov 2018 Cluster Fox

Well done Dan! DLOTW Train choo choo!

27 Nov 2018 Pommes

@ayyyliens Thanks! It's a shame we did not get paired; we were on equal points after rounds 2 and 3. I saw you on the stream yesterday and that CB deck looked wild.

@Cluster Fox Your Neurostasis wiped 11 credits worth of stuff off my board you monster! So nice that we could finally face off during a tournament buddy!

1 Dec 2018 Wet Toastie

@Pommes Great list! Congratulations on the nice performance, it was great having you here!

2 Dec 2018 Pommes

@Wet Toastie Thanks for having me! Can't wait to do it again.

3 Dec 2018 Cluster Fox

DLOTW! Oh s#*t, you did it!

3 Dec 2018 gammanet

What rules update are we referring to on pad tap?

3 Dec 2018 Pommes

@gammanet According to the NISEI rules update PAD Tap now fires on "take credits" as well as on "gain credits". That is basically everything except clicking for credits.

9 Dec 2018 vesper

Congrats on the placement, the deck, and the fun had, good sir!