Forget Everything And Remember (to have fun)

mcg 730

I published this list via ABR after the last Lockdown event and it picked up a surprising number of favourites, so I thought I should do it properly this time.

The old name was "Forget Khusyuk". This came about from attempting all kinds of different builds, using Khusyuk for different values, and finding them all rubbish. So in the end I decided to swap them all for RDI and play some useful cards instead.

This name combines that and a couple of other things. 1. In a recent Zoom quiz (everyone's favourite pastime these days), I was reminded of one of my all time favourite songs that I hadn't heard in ages. b) I've not been enjoying my Netrunner much recently. The standard meta isn't fun at all, and even Restricted has been occasionally unpleasant as people just find ways to put unfun cards in other IDs. But there's still fun to be had hanging out with good people and playing silly decks, which was my experience yesterday, and this name helps me remember that.

I also swapped a Stimhack and Scrubber for 2x Career Fairs. It was probably better. And next time I really need to find space for a Film Critic.