SOCR8 Kick-Down-Doors Kit [[3rd place]]

Redino987 237

My SOCR8 Kit, which is a pretty standard build I feel. Worked hard to get Engolo and Datasucker working together as fast as possible. If Professional Contacts or Diesel is in an opening hand, you keep it and spend the turn looking through your deck to make money and draw cards as fast as possible.

I often pitched Ika and Inti as I overdrew and got them back with Clone Chips later in the game once I was all set up. In this format Inti is really good against a lot of things, especially with Datasucker support. It can get through Wall of Static and Border Control really nicely, and you don't need to waste your Engolo paid ability on them. Atman 3 is the best place to put the strength, especially with 2 suckers to support; 5 is reasonable for the strength too, as it gets you through Slot Machines and Anansis with very little concern.

Against Kill decks, I swapped out Falsified Credentials for Crash Space, and dropped 3 The Maker's Eye for 1 Indexing, 1 Clone Chip, and 1 Inti to make sure that I could steal when I wanted to. Against Kill decks it was even more important to stay ahead on money, so ProCo became even more vital to see early.

Against FA decks, there wasn't a lot to change in the deck itself, but I tried my best to put a lot of pressure on centrals, and only really contest the remote if I could Falsified Credentials the remote and see an agenda.

Overall this was a super fun tournament and I can't wait for the next one!