SWN_ADAM (3-4 Worlds Online)

Swan 437

On August 25 the SanSanFrancisco Stream played Adam. A few hours later CTZ presented me with something a little more turned that was in the style of the 3x Femme Adam I had played in February 2018. After making a couple of small tuning choices and a edits in the wake of the PAD Tap ban the last bit to really consider was the if I wanted to stay DEEP in the meme zone with 3x Femme. The meta looked a little too red for that, Anansi was the card that made me stop playing 3x Femme to begin with.

I played one rep with this version of the deck the day before decks got locked in. Using the saved inf and slot to get back a Rezeki and get a third Multithreader. One game I lost because I didn't have enough resources to contest the remote, one game I lost because big red ice make for a slow start, two games I lost because I couldn't survive Punitive after my first steal.

Adam is about tradeoffs. The built in weaknesses did as much to get me this record as the essential strengths Adam provides. You get good feedback to your play. My runner record while not stellar is not a mark against the deck. Only one of the games I did lose felt like it was a truly awful matchup, AgInfusion. Give Adam a try, it's damn good netrunner.

10 Oct 2020 ctz

"it's damn good netrunner" <- Correct

10 Oct 2020 CryptoGraham

Fantastic talking with you after our games! Great to see behind the curtain here!

Not respecting HHN against Argus is Galaxy Brain play, in my opinion