Red Wall Titan -- 4th at Worlds

aDumbBrick 669

Unlike my other list I got nothing interesting to say here.





I made the cut because I jammed GFIs behind gear checks all day. I feel like people who think titan either Scores an early Atlas or looses need to have more fight in them.

  • Make remotes & play Wall to Wall.
  • Jam agendas behind ice early, & don't just roll over if you don't see an atlas until your last agenda.
  • Use Fast Track aggressively
  • Border control RnD only (Pop it only on a turn when stuffing Stargate or The Turning Wheel does something preferably when you can follow up with RLC)
  • The "Atlas" coinflip is super strong, but getting good with the deck means still winning when you loose that flip.
11 Oct 2020 Alpha

I think I've seen this list before.

j/k, well done!

13 Oct 2020 Ghost Meat

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