The Mystic Gate

Pinkwarrior 2337

Or Eventive Wu 2.0, This is the improved and trimed version down to 46 cards (

Jarogniew Mercs has now gone in favour of a second Mystic Maemi this has improved the decks ability to get more out of each event which in turn has lead to the ability to cut some econ cards.

Day Job & The Maker's Eye cut for Stargate this has made the MU more of an issuse but cutting 5 cards help you find that MU faster and everything else in general on top. Day job going isn't a big deal either thanks to the extra Mystic Maemi.

I added an extra Spec Work whilst this could be cut i find getting one early so you can drop Paperclip in the bin from your deck is a big deal allowing those Simulchip's to be used for Program search.

The Maker's Eye has gone as good as it is Stargate dose more work getting round a whole lot of cards and giving more use to Rejig (2 turn Stargate's can be a big deal). Legwork is still here for quick multi-access and are super powerful it wins games alot a surprise triple access on HQ from Shaper has proven on many occasion to be potent.

I experimented with Takobi for awhile but in the end the Extra MU usage ment it needed to go from this version and Dedicated Processor i find dose plenty of work even if you start it off on Na'Not'K then it becomes less useful as the game goes on you can always move it to something else with Rejig. Indecently this combo makes short work of Surveyor 4 credits to get through just about any Surveyor going is a big deal, they have to get to 12 str before the maths change.

Inversificator still doing alot of work and the extra MU it frees up makes it a must been able to move Border Control or Gutenberg's around really makes life alot easier.