Safety of the Board is our Priority

Enchart 17

The Board of directors is having their annual meeting under the protective eyes of Argus. 73% of the board's members are participating in person which is more than in the last three years. There are a lot of small matters on the board's agenda. The biggest project is to overthrow some South-American government. That’s why they’ve prepared to reduce service in their servers and even rented a professional bioroid to oversee the meeting.

First and foremost: this is a thematic deck built around Weyland's Board and how would they secure it. This deck really does raise your pulse since there are only one copy of each keycard: Government Takeover, The Board and Game Changer. I could also add Red Planet Couriers and Fast Break to the list but they aren’t so easy trash / steal. My Jinteki winning percentage with this deck is around 40% which is quite nice since the idea was to make a theme deck with some chance to win.

This is a second iteration of this deck: I’ve dropped Punitives and Scorcheds to change this into no-kill-deck. The biggest tag punishment is Closed Accounts which can gain you a couple of turns when the runner regains their credit pool. Another is the scored Crisis Management(/s)

Ideally you let runners steal one pointers while building up the glazier. It’s good to advance ICE for Red Planet Couriers and GT. Firmware Updates have been agendas I’ve wanted to score for free advancements. They also are good targets to forfeit to rez Archer once they are sucked dry.

While the opponent steals slightly protected or unprotected agendas you can drop some Snares! to discourage him/her. At the same time you build your ICE: mainly R&D, HQ and one or two remotes. Once the Reduced Service is down you might want to put an ICE to archives.

Once opponent has 4 or more agendas some cards become powerful: namely Stock Buy-Backs, Fast Break and Game Changer. That’s the point you should have strongly protected remote for The Board. Reduced Service or Ash are good calls to protect the board.

The worst opponent cards are Leela Patel and Data Dealer. Data Dealer should be trashed right away when you get the chance. With Leela there is really not much to do.