Startup Shellgames

SimplyTheOnion 7

This is a first draft of how a shellgame focused Deck in startup might look like. Feel free to adjust the list as you wish. I have yet to test and finetune this list at all.

25 Mar 2021 dnddmdb

Have you thought about including Clearinghouse or a way to tag the runner to combo with Orbital Superiority?

25 Mar 2021 dnddmdb

Also feels like Neurospike would make a lot of sense!

25 Mar 2021 Saan

I think it's probably worth dropping the Orbital Superiority in favor of 2 Obokata Protocol, just because it goes so well with your ID ability. After this, I'd take the 2 free card slots you have (since we freed one up and you're only on 48 cards as it is) and add 2 Jeeves Model Bioroids. This lets you score an un-advanced Obokata with a Seamless Launch, and just makes your turns more efficient. You already have the requirements, so I figure why not.

I think I'd go for something like this for my build. Firstly, I've gotta say that the #Tribunal is a stand-in for the newly released card Tithe. I mainly like it because it does 3 things we want; gives us money, does a net damage, and costs almost nothing. I took out the Saisentan, because this deck is going to have enough money problems with all the agendas and Snare! that rezzing a 5-cost ICE is kinda a no-go. Also, 10 ICE is probably overkill in this kinda deck.

Then I dumped the Red Level Clearance and the Sprint, because Spin Doctor and Jeeves drawing should really be enough, plus I wanted to free up enough card slots to fit in a Dedication Ceremony. With Ronin on the table, you can take advantage of the runner ending on 2 or less cards by rezing Ronin, Dedicating it, advancing it, then murdering the runner. The leftover Inf I put into Archived Memories, just to get back money and assets, although this could also be a 3rd Seamless, or several other things.

Finally, I took those slots I'd been trying to free up in order to include 2 Neurospike, because it can win the game occasionally, especially with PE's ping that you're getting on top on it.

Anyhow, that's my take on your general shell. Overall, it looks pretty fun =)

27 Mar 2021 yew

Saan, this is for Startup, not Standard. Obokata protocol, Jeeves, Dedication Ceremony are not legal.