how to Change Game?just Neurospike Them

西园Sirian 15

A variant of " I don't like this deck - 1st at Worlds 2020"

When the Luminal Transubstantiation and Neurospike are released, a simple idea is that score luminal and 3*Neurospike equal to 6 net damage without tags or any other hard condition. But a good deck can't only count on one agenda, so the problem is "which deck has MOST clicks and MOST agenda point scored in one turn?" And you know the answer: 1st at Worlds 2020

All the tips is just like the old deck, the only difference is one more way to win: score Project Vacheron and Neurospike them as much as you can, Archived Memories will help you spike twice even if you only have one spike in HQ. In the old deck, you may need four or more to win after scoring Project Vacheron, now you may win the game with three in same condition. Luminal sometimes may not work so well since you can't score more, but score it and do something else is ok.

Without BOOM!, the tags of News Team is not so threatful as before, and that's why I remove False Lead, but trash resource is always useful.

The new agenda Superconducting Hub can draw more and give maximum hand size which is so important for OTK Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home. Even it is stolen, as a one point agenda sportmetal don't so care about it (if the corp was not happy with it).

Sprint can help you to adjust your hand. Biotic Labor may help you if you don't have enough click. The common use of it is to score Superconducting Hub. The new code gate Whitespace is just an ICE to waste and of the runner, at least they need pay something when they use Stargate to trash everything.

4 May 2021 Diogene

Amazing deck! Thanks for publishing.