Anarch Facile Startup

Diogene 1352

This anarch deck almost feel like a Shaper. With nearly everything 3x, it is straightforward to pilot.


Normally, René "Loup" Arcemont: Party Animal is meant to run Imp. But in startup, MU are at a premium. Instead, Scrubber does the same duty and last longer. Install once, trash something an asset or upgrade every chance you get.

With Keiko and Paladin Poemu, every install cost you at least 2 less. And you have 25 cards that benefit from this.

If possible, install 2 Rezeki (at most), 1 Leech and 1 breaker of each type. This should allow you to break most ice for 1. Ice Carver is there to lower the number of viruses needed to break most ices. And here you could swap a Leech for a Ice Carver, but I find Leech is more essential to the deck to have early.

If at all possible, try to run HQ or R&D only with Jailbreak or The Maker's Eye.


5 Jun 2021 HolyMackerel

I hate to disagree, but Imp does something very important that Scrubber does not: it trashes untrasheables. Access an Operation in HQ? Trash n' trigger. Access Ice on top of R&D? Trash n' trigger. It lets you counterplay stuff like Punitive Counterstrike or Neurospike. It lets you trash Project Vacheron, and steal it wothout waiting from Archives. It lets you tigger your ability on turns you have no right to trigger it.

Not every deck runs a bunch of assets and upgrades.

5 Jun 2021 Diogene

@pang4 you are completely correct. But in startup, I was lacking support for Imp, like Knobkierie, Contaminate or MemStrips.

Since I chose to have support for efficient runs, I had to let Imp go and favor of Scrubber.

Against asset spam, Scrubber let me run every turn and trash something. Against glacier decks, René "Loup" Arcemont: Party Animal will not trigger much with this deck, that is true. But the 40 cards consistent gameplan is also something I was going for.

Thanks for your comments.