Startup: Twin Engine Hoshiko

shruthless 34

Chisel Charming Hoshiko is my favorite way to play runner. But Corps have gotten a lot faster and even with Hoshiko's inbuilt draw engine, I found it hard to keep up. So I added an install engine, aka, Prognostic Q-Loop to see if I could rev up the archetype. And this twin engine deck does purr! You can clicklessly install not only the Chisel-Charms, but also the Gachapons, the Simulchips, and of course, the Rangs. Best of all, you can do it mid-run. It's very funny to install the Chisel on an Ansel after the Corp has rezzed a Magnet!

The downside is this car is quite a pain to drive! It's Tricky enough keeping track of Hoshikos' and the KomPanions' various triggers. Now you have to keep track of which cards the Q-loop has revealed and time your clickless installs around the free draws from DreamNet and Mahou Shouju. I must admit I crashed this puppy pretty badly umpteen number of times before I got comfortable driving it...

A couple of pointers

  • Gachapon can be very powerful if fired at the right time. You can use the information from Q-loop to not only get a useful install but also to cull unwanted cards. Also remember that Gachapon itself can be installed with Q-loop.

  • Please remember that Boomerang shuffles the deck after it goes back in!! If only I had 1 for every time I tried a Q-loop install after the Rang shuffle! :facepalm:

Have fun driving this. Tuneup suggestions are very welcome!

13 Oct 2021 Baa Ram Wu

Any deck playing Q-loop out of faction gets my seal of approval.

Overclock would be a great card to find space for as using the credits to install your breakers etc on a run can be excellent.

If you wanted to increase your Q-loop targets you could look at replacing some of your econ with Fermentors.

13 Oct 2021 Diogene

Question : Considering you are using anarch breakers, why not put Leech instead of Chisel and replace the Devil Charm by Fermenter?

I'll test this for sure! Seems like a speedy setup!

Thanks for sharing.

14 Oct 2021 Navelgazer

I really enjoyed playing against this. Q-Loop is a great fit here and I can't believe I'd never seen anyone do that before.

14 Oct 2021 shruthless

@Baa Ram Wu Can't believe I didn't think of Overclock! I'll try it. Thank you. However I found Fermenters to be too slow.

@Diogene Ice destruction is my personal play style preference. It's particularly good against GameNet Goldfarmer glaciers. That said, sure, the marriage of Hoshi's draw and Q-loop's install can take many forms. Also in my experience having an Ice Carver down works just as well as Leeches.

15 Oct 2021 ctz

this is tight