[throwback] rigshooter skorp

nbkelly 709

I'm going to be (trying to) publishing a list a day for two weeks, in anticipation for my upcoming New Year, Old Cards throwback tournament.

This is almost a run of the mill Skorpios deck - I did choose to include some interesting ICE (Afshar because it's a hard ETR code gate, which is sometimes enough), Aiki because it's the cheapest, most taxing piece of ICE I could include, and random net damage means either chances to snipe breakers or your opponent slowing down and giving you a window, and Sapper because extend the rigshooting threat to random accesses as well is very productive for our gameplan.

You've got a few ways to trash programs:

  • You score SDS Drone Deployment behind ICE
  • The runner does not play support programs, and has to sacrifice an icebreaker to steal SDS Drone Deployment
  • Sapper fires
  • Aiki fires (always make them draw, if you can), and snipes a program
  • Public Trail into Retribution to punish poorer runners
  • Prisec (always fire if the tag will stick, or there are programs missing) hits a program, or allows us to use Retribution
  • We dump all of our money into Trojan Horse, and pray that removing one fracter is enough
  • Paperclip gets discarded (because our opponent is greedy, or they have another in hand and it's bait), and we can hit it with Ark Lockdown

As for counterplay, there are a few good options:

And last, but not least:

  • The runner plays support programs, and has a good start

I think retribution might be a bit of a controversial tool for skorpios, and it definitely feels good to play, but I'm uncertain just how competitively viable this deck will end up being. At the very least, I think it can lead to some interesting games against well constructed decks.