Model G21Veruca - 13th @ ACC 2024

koga 2709

Not too much to say here, this is my Veruca deck adjusted for the new meta.

I was expecting Hosh and (non-Tree) Ari to show up and mess corps left and right and Malia has lots to say against them. Blank a Bankhar, EnviTesting or even Bones at the right time and you can often get a great advantage early to snowball a bit. Cutting Policing may be wrong, I'll think about that a bit more.

Shoutout to both Kikai and xiaat (and others!) for believing in the Amani shell, bringing it to ACC and doing very well, I didn't really expect this to make a big splash in the meta when I posted it initially. Obligatory shoutout to Mr Pelle for trying that idea way before RWR came out and The King for making those sick yellow decks, you were both incredibly inspirational.

Shoutout to TAIB folks for being so welcoming, pleasant and damn good at the game. Can't wait to cook more sick lists, drink water and meet many of you at EMEA later this year.

Finally making it to the top cut of a big tournament was amazing. I wish I could've gone a little further but losing to both the now Continental Champion and family was definitely all right :P

3 Jun 2024 HaverOfFun

Hell yeah!!!!! super result - first continental and smashing it! Defs looking forward to meeting ya at EMEA!

3 Jun 2024 xiaat

Happy to have picked up such a solid list, it felt great on the day. Congrats on your placement!
I swapped Restore -> Biotic Labor and 1x Malia Z0L0K4 for the 3rd Warroid Tracker, pretty satisfied with how that worked out as well. @Kikai's choice to play 3x Amani does look quite clean as well, this thing just locks up the game until the opponent can get rid of it

3 Jun 2024 Kikai

Great deck honestly. Will have this one in my back pocket as a panic pick for EMEA.

The key realisation for us was that we could play Tranq Grid as an influence free draw installable (that costs 4 to trash).

4 Jun 2024 koga

@HaverOfFun @xiaat @Kikai much much love <3

I'm genuinely excited about all your edits (and the ones we ended up not playing too!), will definitely give them all a spin as soon as I can