Canal Sunny 2nd at 29 person London Regional

rotage 2620

The Tale

It was a warm midweek morning when whispers came to me of a great quest. At first the whispers were vague but there was little doubt that there was a great reward for one who could be victorious in this quest.


I sought out the counsel of Swiftie but alas he just told me Taylor Swift facts and told me to listen to her latest album. Disappointed but not surprised by his lack of aid I continued to seek wisdom in this tale.

It was then when I spoke to Twistyb who told me that the quest was true, but what is this quest you ask. Well the quest was simple the one who could best master the most difficult 3 of the mini factions being Adam, Apex and Sunny would win the grand treasure of the mat of Rezeki, an ancient mat which would bestow great powers to its holder. This treasure was a prize I had long sought and this would be my greatest chance of acquiring it.

However I could not do this without help from my wise friends, I spoke to FREDPI, Tolaasin and Catherine the three wise people for their counsel and they were most helpful in helping me decide which of the mini factions to go with, Apex was immediately discounted so it became a decision between Adam and Sunny. Adam had greater strength but my failure of 2017 still lingered with me without an army of ducks to save me from missed triggers I had no choice but to go with Sunny.

I now set out to train myself in the skills needed to master playing the Sunny Deck, I summoned Rotage1 from his slumber and we began our training.


Finally after many grueling days of trainings it was the morning of the big day, I set out on my quest traveling many miles to the great city of London, however much evil lurks there in particular the false bell, the bell made in mockery of the one true bell of Readox, I would need to be cautious as many have been corrupted by it's evil (luckily someone forgot to bring it so I didn't need to worry)

I met the other brave people who had also journeyed to London, each with their own goals. Some sought Laurie Points, others wished to claim the mat of the artist a fabled and rare mat, a few were there just for the ale and to meet old friends, one however sought the waters of the canal as it was believed the waters would grant the one who entered the canal the ability to summon all to their netrunner events in the mighty town of Taunton (sadly it didn't and just made them wet and the subject of much mockery)

All I had to do now was wait for the clock to strike 11 at this time I would see who my first opponent would be and how many of my fellow adventurers were also after the mat of Rezeki. The clock struck 11, I sat down with my opponent and I then checked to see how many were seeking the mat of Rezeki

Just me, I spent a week pondering decks and I was the only one who turned up with Sunny, I had expected epic battles, duels of skill, wit and knowledge but I won the mat by Dee-Fault, the two sweetest words in the English language

Actual Netrunner Content

So having got the mat, I wanted to try to win some games, the deck went 2-1 in Swiss, beating Titan and Argus, while losing to Cronus Protocol. In the cut it lost twice to Mike Prosser's Gagarin list, congrats again on the win Mike.

Overall I wouldn't make any big changes to the list, possibly changing a Liberated Accounts for Rogue Trading but you would need a third Citidal Sanctuary then. As usual any questions feel free to ask

21 Jul 2019 Swiftie

For the record Taylor Swift's new album comes out on the 23rd of August.

21 Jul 2019 NtscapeNavigator

What a bad ass.

Minifaction to win worlds. You heard it here first.

21 Jul 2019 rotage

I mean if there is another quest for such a thing, I would consider tempting such a venture :)

21 Jul 2019 twisty_b

all hail Rotage, Lord of the Minifactions, Bearer of the White Hat, He Who Actually Bothers To Read Event Updates

well played

22 Jul 2019 Jakuza

You know it's a good writeup when it makes an aggro player consider playing Sunny. My strength for DotW is yours.

22 Jul 2019 HiddenAway

A fantastic writeup. Well done on your 2nd place finish!

22 Jul 2019 FREDPI


22 Jul 2019 rotage

Thanks all :)

6 Aug 2019 Angelhelm

Hey Awesome write up. If I was to challenge you to add both a [[friday chip]] and [[imp]] so sunny can be a dumpster diving mom, how would you adapt your deck to that.