Office Supplies

Office Supplies 4[credit]

Influence: 3

Reduce the play cost of Office Supplies by 1 for each [link] you have.

Gain 4[credit] or draw 4 cards.

"So, Miriam, hear anything good lately?"
Illustrated by James Cory Webster
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Reign and Reverie (rar)

#24 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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And here we are. The final Sunny card we will ever get. wipes away a few tears. Well, here we go :

Veteran Sunny players have always agreed on her issues. Mommy is a creeping juggernaut, with a late game feared by nearly every corp out there. The problem has always been getting to the late game. She lacked speed. Now, a shipment of doughnuts has arrived to change that.

Office Supplies is a draw and econ engine in one, and its value depends on your link. At cost 4, it is absolutely awful. But let's face it, this is a 3-influence link-dependent card. It won't see play out of faction, except maybe in Reina or 419 decks. No, this card has to be examined in Sunny, where you start at 2 link, meaning this card will only cost 2. When played for credits this is a worse Easy Mark, but 4 cards for two credits is decent value, considering often played cards like I've Had Worse and Deuces Wild. Sunny never lacks in money anyway, draw is what she needs.

And the numbers only get better from there. Install a Maxwell or Archivist, and suddenly you are looking at Diesel efficiency. And at 4 link, this card is essentially Sure Gamble without an entree fee, or a free mini Earthrise Hotel which is immune to Scarcity. 4 to 5 link is easily achievable and definitely the sweet spot in Sunny decks imo, as this synergises with Black Hat and Security Nexus.

The best thing is about this card is not its effect though, it is the influence it frees up. Just like Black Hat did with multi-access, this card is in faction draw (and econ, to a way lesser degree). This mean you can use your freed up influence for all kinds of sexy cards. The strongest plus of Sunny, apart from her link, is her 25 influence, after all.

Will this make Sunny top tier? No, probably not. But she has the tools she needs to be a strong deck, when piloted correctly. Depending on how the meta shapes up in the aftermath of R&R and a possible MWL, she might be a serious tier 2 deck, possibly 1.5. But even if she remains in obscurity, she will always be fun to play, especially now that her puzzle is complete.

I will always love you, Best Mum.

(Reign and Reverie era)
Great review. But the "entree free" mistake made me lol —
Whoops, haha. Nice catch :p My mind is too lyrical —
Played with it last night. The problem is that Sunny lacks momentum in the early game. This card does nothing for that. If you play it for cards you are drawing 4 cards but may well struggle to afford to play any of them. Playing it for money with just two link is a losing proposition. It's fantastic in the mid to late game when Sunny is already strong. In particular it's a good way to recover from going under 5 credits after an expensive run or to draw up for an Obokata. —

Hot take: This card should have been printed with and AND instead of an OR.

The tempo gain is just not significant enough to help Sunny in the early game. Sure there are ways to boost link, but they also cost money (escpecially the console) and most importantly clicks. So it is essentially a mild version of a multi card combo. Such a shame, because i really like the ID.

Don't get your hopes up for this one, folks!

(Magnum Opus Reprint era)
Office Space is solid just as it is. If it said 'and' that would be insane. 2 creds for 4 cards is a completely reasonable draw effect. The fact that it's got an emergency cash option and upgrades when you play your console is all gravy to that. —
It also rewards synergy in a deck built around chains/beating traces. Sure it might not make the top cut for a S-Tier deck, but if you are still commenting on a card game that stopped having official tournaments over a year ago, you are probably playing for fun, so let’s lower the bar a bit, experiment and have fun! —