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To be a good student you must have diverse interests

The idea here is that like Max Fischer, Hayley really wants to get a taste of everything. So many clubs: Business, History, Astronomy, Coding, Running, Science, Model Government, Politics, World Religions, AV Club, Writing Club, ETC.

This deck is the next evolution of my Exile: Streethawk Deck and it turns out the Shaper BS of Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar is more impactful and interesting than the free draws. Instant speed Chameleons when you install a conspiracy breaker can be devastating for a Corp that thought the remote was safe.

Also, Hayley's ability allows additional set up when you trigger Reaver on the corp's turn.

Diesel has been added to make up the lost card draw.

Councilman Has been added because JNET people freaked out and started adding batty into everything in response to my Exile deck.

Important note: as with the Exile, Chameleon is your primary breaker and now you can get both down for profit using Sahasrara and Scheherazade in one click. Leverage that well and you end up with mountains of cash and a remote lock.

From there you Indexing for the win. You can find footage of me piloting this deck HERE

This deck is very powerful. I have not dropped a game in 14 played, about 8 of those against opponents I know personally and consider skilled.

It is like a steamroller rushing down the side of a mountain, the longer the game goes on, the more devastating it becomes.

I am so excited to take this core idea of Reaver Conspiracy shop and have tuned it up to work. This one might be my favorite shaper I have built to date.

19 Apr 2017 CodeMarvelous

One thing I forgot to mention, unlike previous experiments I have done with Reaver and Conspiracy, this deck can run before being fully set up without breaking itself. My professor deck had a much harder time doing that as did the exile deck. Hayley pulling cards from hand makes you much more flexible and adaptive early.

19 Apr 2017 Grimwalker

This is a nightmarishly good version of a deck I ran at Worlds 2015--I even got my LLDS Chip signed by LL and DS!

I think what really makes the difference is Reaver, and the conspiracy breakers which can continually be Aesop'd and reinstalled is what it was missing. I was often really slow to set up because I needed my pieces to get the ball rolling, while Quality Time was a tempo hit that prevented me from actually making the runs I needed to really leverage the engine. And as much as I loved running Harbinger for econ, it's not necessary here.

I notice this deck has no tag protection as such. I had slots spent on. FC/NACH. Is it purely a money defense?

19 Apr 2017 CodeMarvelous

@Grimwalker Yep, money is my shield. Sacrifices have to be made. If you are in a kill meta swap council for Film Critic

19 Apr 2017 saetzero

Potential cuts as I see it:

1x Akamatsu
1x Mad dash
1x Councilman (meta call)
1x Conspiracy breaker of choice (replace with 3rd chameleon)

Potential useful cards for the list:

NACH, Vamp, Beth, Interdiction, PolOp

Cool list though. Hayley isnt Kate, but I'll forgive you ^_^

19 Apr 2017 CodeMarvelous

@saetzeroInterdiction could be cool as would beth

19 Apr 2017 Nxxdles

@CodeMarvelouswhat about swapping cache for harbinger? Same influence, doesnt cost credit or memory to install and fires twice for aesops and reaver.

19 Apr 2017 CodeMarvelous

@G4R71C54UC3 thats a good idea, I would probably only replace one because I do play caches for the instant money

19 Apr 2017 Nxxdles

@CodeMarvelousits also good fodder and cant be purged

19 Apr 2017 CodeMarvelous

@G4R71C54UC3 It would never be purges because I always take the money immediately but yea.

19 Apr 2017 Nxxdles

@CodeMarvelousill be interested to see how 1x harbinger runs in the deck. I might try it out, great deck as always man.

19 Apr 2017 Nxxdles

@CodeMarvelousderp, of course, counters don't last long on a cache. hahaha

19 Apr 2017 saetzero

note that the you get 2 reaver triggers per harb... but when you trash and it flips you eat the hayley ability for a turn.

gotta figure if you value a hayley trigger and instant 3 dollars.... or the free mu/reaver draw

19 Apr 2017 Grimwalker

Cache is also burstier, which can be important. When I played Lizard Hayley with Harbs, the loss of the Hayley trigger was not insignificant either. Considering the Conspiracy breaker econ engine, I can easily accept losing the Harbs.

19 Apr 2017 hi_impact

Councilman is better than Interdiction imo. There's not enough oppressive corp currents running around to warrant it.

20 Apr 2017 M0H4WK

I'm totally convinced Harbinger is a better choice here. The triggers aren't as needed. And Harb has 0 mu. Which means you can cut some akamatsus. (Last game, i didn't use any) So i switched 1 chip for a net shield. I think i can safely cut another mem chip for Equivocation, so i have at least a tutorable multi-access. Ok Falco, but what about the consistency with all those one-offs silver bullets? Hahaha, With Harb, Reaver triggers twice, so that's increased consistency.

So: - 3 Cache --> + 3 Harbinger - 1 akamatsu --> +1 net shield - 1 akamatsu --> +1 equivocation

Thanks @CodeMarvelous for making Netrunner a better game with these kind of decks!

20 Apr 2017 Badeesh

It never fails to amaze me that the Anarch breakers, from the core-set and now these new ones, are the gold standard for the game. Let's MWL clone chips, ok sorry, now you don't need em anymore. Sigh.

20 Apr 2017 Snake Eyes

@Badeesh I wouldn't exactly call Black Orchestra and MKUltra gold standards. Their break costs against multisub or big ICE is pretty rough. Cerberus "Lady" H1 can be a better choice than Paperclip in decks built with Scavenge and Cyber-Cypher/Femme Fatale.

20 Apr 2017 Mechanoise

I love Shaper Bullshit
This is Shaper Bullshit
I'm going to give this a swing.

20 Apr 2017 CodeMarvelous

@hi_impact I agree that councilman is more impactful and flexible

@Il_FalcoI will test both and see wqhat works out

@Badeesh The conspiracy breakers are too inefficient to be our mainstays. They are primarily for triggers and emergencies

@Mechanoise Nice pome

@Snake Eyes I dunno, I haven't played with the dags in a while, a lot of one sub barriers around.

21 Apr 2017 belkalra

@hi_impact I really feel the councilman is not a great call over interdiction. unless your telegraphing your move, at which point counter play becomes much easier, the councilman gets dropped on the same turn. if you drop it that turn, your are paying more for a subset of the same effect

as for my edits, I went with: +2 Beth Kilrain-Chang +1 Interdiction +1 Same Old Thing −1 Councilman −1 Diesel −1 Sure Gamble −1 Technical Writer

the only issue I am having is HQ pressure, so I'm thinking about Gauntlet. Have you guys run into anything similar?

21 Apr 2017 frederick123

I'm relatively new to the game, but is the Black Orchestra and MKUltra really playable? We have been playing up to Lunar cycle so far, so it might be meta dependent, but as I understand, it takes 12 credits to break Archer by MKUltra, which seems crazy to me. From my limited experience, that seems just not worth playing. Am I missing something? Thanks

21 Apr 2017 CodeMarvelous

@frederick123 if you have the LLDS Processor it takes 6 credits to break archer. Also, Chameleon with LLDS which is the primary sentry breaker of this deck breaks it for 4. It is worth nothing that you might come across archer once in the current meta at a tournament. Nonetheless that is a good question based on where you are in the card pool.

21 Apr 2017 frederick123

@CodeMarvelousthank you for the reply. I think I have misunderstood, how MKUltra really works, because I thought, that when you bump the power first time, you cannot "break up to two sentry subroutines", so it is wasted. You boosts again, to get up to 6 strength with LLDS Processor, breaking first two subroutines, and then I thought, that you need to pay 3 credits again, just to break remaining two subroutines. Which would make it cost 9 credits, even with one LLDS Processor installed.

21 Apr 2017 SillySod

When you pay to use conspiracy breakers they do they following: 1) boost the strength of the breaker 2) interact with the ICE, if they are now sufficiently strong (if not then the second part of their ability is wasted) I think CodeMarvelous is suggesting that you would have 3xLLDS installed which would push MK Ultra up to base strength 4 (and also push chameleons into breaking range).

The take home message is that MKUltra and Black Orchestra are inherently inefficient but many decks either don't care (they prefer the emergency feature) or are able to bolster their efficiency via LLDS, datasucker or similar.

I'm guessing that they are included here either for the early game emergency breaking (before all the LLDS are out to support chameleon) and to make sure you can't be locked out by weird stuff like Little Engine or Sandburg.

21 Apr 2017 themaninthehighcastle

This deck was blast to play and very forgiving of chonky piloting. Another hit from CM!

25 Apr 2017 manveruppd

@Grimwalker wait... is that what LLDS stands for???

25 Apr 2017 Grimwalker

@manveruppd LOL yep!

29 Apr 2017 gabrielsmoothcrim

Dear Agony Aunt @CodeMarvelous,

My friends are playing Skorpios Defense System. I don't know if I should hate the card, myself, or them. I have thought of burning the card in a tournament, but apparently that's "poor sportsmanship"

What would you suggest?

Help Me @CodeMarvelous!


2 May 2017 Grimwalker

@gabrielsmoothcrim if you watch the stream where he was testing this deck @CodeMarvelous was abundantly clear that Skorpios takes this deck to the woodshed.

2 May 2017 zmb

Comet instead of shitty Astrolabe? The games where you get your console a bit late in the game Astro is close to a dead card. Comet interacts nicely with Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar

2 May 2017 Grimwalker

Comet has zero actual synergy with what the card Hayley Kaplan actually does. Thematically it's cool, but Hayley doubles up installs, Comet doubles up events, even further taxing your draw resources and pulling focus of the deck--you have to have a critical mass of Resources, and hardware, and programs in order to get reliable triggers. Trying to add in a critical mass of Events just pulls focus.