Big Pivots (4-1 at Cascadia)

Nykride 37

This deck went 4-1 at Cascadia, and was the main force that got me to 18th.

My take on Santa's old Big Deal Outfit list for the Automata Initiative meta. I actually built this before APAC, and so I didn't really make any modifications based on Santa's winning list.

Envelopment is definitely better than Ice Wall, but I do like the NGOs for baiting Clot. I never got Conduit dug though, so maybe that's just bias.

The deck's one loss was to Stephen's expertly piloted Sable. He got Bankroll and DreamNet down turn one, and rolled Archives on the mark three times in a row. I made the mistake of jamming agendas rather than protecting centrals, and lost to a well-timed Deep Dive.