Laser Quetz (1st at Architect of Lasers, B.COM 2020)

count_slackula 64

This deck went undefeated at Architect of Lasers at B-COM 2020 (3 wins and a draw) and thoroughly un-undefeated at the B-COM main event (3 losses and a win).

It's a fun hectic deck which aims for over the top early pressure (in the form of wanton/stargate). It's a swift build which utilises the extra click for Wanton fun and un-telegraphed Inside job plays. The Falsified is there to make up for its weakness to late game glacier games, but the main idea is to win as early as possible. Rebirth is for our old pal Omar, and although this could likely be built around another ID to greater effect, nothing quite beats a Quetzal fire on a 4 click HQ Wanton run :)

The deck's cryptonite is of course HHN. So I'd probably swap the Frantic Coding for a Day Job for some extra burst econ to facilitate tag clearance / economic bounce back (but I couldn't not play Frantic, sorry).

Thanks to everyone for all the fun games in Barcelona! And thanks to my fellow "Snare Magents" Vincent and Mathieu for taking us to the top!

9 Mar 2020 Cpt_nice

The kind of anarch I respect (y)

10 Mar 2020 Ghost Meat

Ummmm, this is VERY fun. Have been thinking about a Swift/Event Anarch build lately, and this looks like the ticket.

11 Mar 2020 Sapph0

I absolutely love this!! I'm gonna make a few changes and try it out. Swift+Wanton is amazing I dunno how I didn't think of that x.X