Reduce, Renew, Recycle (1st Philly Regional)

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Reduce, Renew, Recycle

Ok, here's the thing. Runners have stopped recycling their Crowdfundings. But recycling is good. So it's up to us, the scrappy recycling division, to show runners that we can save the environment (and maybe even a couple credits along the way!) if we can all relearn how to recycle.

This deck went 4-1 helping take me to King of Swiss and eventually 1st out of 27 in the Philly regional. It lost to Marcus on Jesminder, and beat Kurt/OnTheNighttrain on Adam, Simon/lodger on Ken, folk hero Beckett on Reg Val, and finally Dan/mediohxcore on Apoc 419.

This is ultimately a combo deck (not a prison deck) where you assemble your combo primarily on the board rather than in your hand, and protect your combo with a mix of annoying distractions, click taxes, and your ID ability. The combo is extremely simple, but very effective (all hail Chris Hinkes aka zeromus the IG49 OG): rez enough Bio-Ethics Association to get the runner to < 3 hand size, and find your most Dedicated Recycling Oversight Network Information eNforcer (R.O.N.I.N.) to remind runners what happens when they litter. Often, it is worthwhile to hide the Bio-Ethics Associations unrezzed on the board, focusing attention on the flashy Urban Renewals until you can fire off the combo.

While agenda location management is key to any corp deck, it is possibly at its height in this deck. Your agenda suite is highly defensive and your non-defensive agenda, Bacterial Programming, can help set up the combo and reseed facedown cards in archives after a clear. It doesn't matter how many agenda points the runner has as long as it is less than seven, so setting up Bacterial steals to protect your board is often worthwhile.

Moving from 3.2 -> 3.3, I wanted to play an asset deck for Philly, and had been considering Jakuza RP. In particular, I enjoyed that the Hostile Infrastructure made you relatively robust to Apoc. However, in testing with groenkaaf, I found that turtle decks (which in 3.3 is all of them) could play board eraser somewhat easily once the list was known (at least at my skill level with the RP). With every new MWL change, I give Dedicated Ronin IG another shot, and happened to see tolaasin and thebigboy testing a similar list. They were kind enough to share the list, and after some very small tweaks for the expected 3.3 meta, you have the list here.

Thanks again so much to Codemarvelous for somehow managing to TO a great tournament, run a stream, and commentate all at the same time. Other highlights from the event include Dan D'Argenio teaching everyone Crokinole, hanging with the Ghost Branch crew, and of course the lovely drive there and back with the NYC posse.

24 Jul 2019 TheBigBoy


25 Jul 2019 Krasty

Could I ask you, for what is there CVS?

4 Aug 2019 SubTric

@Krasty, I'll take a stab and say to hamper the cheap trash capabilities of Freedom