Tap Dancin In Da Hood

Saan 3116

This is a slightly refined version of @TugtetguT's deck Tap Dancer, which is a monster of a deck. When played well, the corp sits there on nearly no money, wishing clicking for credits did anything. I'm pretty sure there's a better version of this deck, but I didn't get much of a chance to muck around with testing, so I threw in a couple Muertos and added a better Decoder. As it is, I still ended up getting 4th, despite a couple missteps and a truly horrendous matchup.

Of the two games I lost (out of 5), one was due to a misplay where I figured I really needed to draw for my breakers, so clicked to draw twice before realizing the first draw I got (Leave No Trace) could have gotten me in the remote in conjunction with Muertos, so long as I had 3 clicks remaining. Oops!

The second game I lost was because a dude was playing SSO, and a deck where you can rez high strength ICE for 0 credits is really good against a deck that's trying to make you spend money fruitlessly rezzing ICE. The game was still very close though, and I might have been able to win it anyhow with slightly different play on the final couple turns, which was surprising, seeing as how terrible the first 90% of the game felt.

The other 3 games it crushed, leaving the corp broke and broken. In my fifth game, I ended up stealing all 4 agendas without any breakers installed. The deck still seems very good, but I could have used just a little more play time with it, as there's a myriad of decisions as you're setting up your late game engine of inevitability.