Nene Security: Protection Guaranteed (5-1* in SOCR7)

BlackCherries 374

The better half of my Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 7 (SOCR7) experience, this deck went 4-1 unofficially (1 win by concession not counted), with my only loss being in the 1st round to an Adam whose ABR I completely disrespected.

The secret is out: K. P. Lynn + Formicary is good. And I mean really good. Throw a Formicary on Archives, throw one protecting a lone Rashida, just don't waste too much money on them and then watch as your opponent Formicary-by-Formicary realizes that the combo works.

Other win conditions include IAA Armed Intimidation > AA HPT or using an over-advanced Atlas to tutor the Hostile for the win. SSL works great for your Punitives and provides you a much-needed tempo boost while your opponent recovers from your ID ability.

I got a bit lucky as I feel like I didn't face any traditionally "top-tier" runners in SOCR7 but for my MUs below and tech advice, continue reading:

For Adam: play as if he's a Crim, respect ABR, use Death and Taxes for Strike, slot in flood solutions, Masvingo good

For MaxX: mill her hard, x3 AI, x1 Armored Servers, CVS & Trojan Horse for Yusuf, Hailstorm for District 99s, careful of Laamb

For Sunny: Paper Trail over AI, Death and Taxes for Strike, Wake Up Call and trashables for Nexus

For Apex: Bio Vault, Tapestry, Nightdancer all to kill Apoc, drop traditional ETRs and only keep Blockchain, Enigma, Formicary - Surveyor / Caduceus to take their place as non-standard ETRs, Death and Taxes for Strike