Evens Bug Out Stim Implant Gnat - Jankuary Best Janky Deck

KakuRainbow 24

I won! No, not the tournament, the prize for most janky decks! Why do people consider this deck janky?:

  • "Gnat"
  • Bug Out Bag
  • Severnius Stim Implant
  • Late-game replacement console (Maw)

This deck didn't win the tournament, but here's the changes I'd suggest to make it better:

  • Don't play "Gnat"
  • Don't play Bug Out Bag
  • Don't play Severnius Stim Implant
  • Don't play a late game replacement console, just choose 1.

This was for an odds/evens card cost decks only, where 0 cost cards were banned.

The thought process for this deck was originally to accrue lots of money, including 1 extra credit per turn from Gnat's incredibly powerful ID ability that has no downsides /s, then slap down a 20 credit Bug Out Bag to draw the rest of your deck, then slam down your Severnius Stim Implant, and throw away most of your hand for a 9 card dig that will certainly contain the 5-7 agenda points you need to close the game.

Turns out thats a pretty awful strategy, but it was fun to have it as an option in the deck and never use it. The biggest Bug Out Bag I got to was a 9 I believe, and it was very much just a tempo play lacking any sort of skateboard tricks..

Some cards and how I felt about them: Inversificator is a lot more threatening that I'd considered. Suddenly I can switch away Winchesters and Afshars if I find a code gate elsewhere. And it's not too bad a breaker overall despite the expensive upfront cost. I will be playing this in Kit sometime soon for sure.

Eru Ayase-Pessoa is an amazing card. I think I will be building some kind of Networking combo with this in future. Forcing the corp to protect Archives with one or two rezzed ICE hurts them a lot. In one game, I discarded this single card early to Patchwork and the next thing the corp did was ice up archives. That was a beautiful outcome.

Maw is very good in this format where there's next to no cheap influence recursion, I should've leant on this more and forgot about Stim Implant stuff.

Guinea Pig is straight up better than Sure Gamble, everyone should play it instead in Anarch /s

Link to corp deck

30 Jan 2024 Zoehope

So creative! Big fan of this. Love your work.