Scientise My Brunch (4th at Gaming vs. Cancer 2017)

twisty_b 651

Cybernetics + Mushin

Went 3-3 at Gaming vs. Cancer 2017, a charity tournament using the pre-rotation cardpool, MWL 1.2, and randomly assigned IDs. Many thanks to the organisers — it was a fun day, and nice to be reminded just how silly the card pool was pre-rotation/banlist. Bloo Moose. Strong card.

Wins over Leela, Ken and Omar; losses to Nasir, Nero and Quetzal. The Omar win was a fairly cheesy turn 2 Punitive after the runner accidentally stole 6 points, and we worked out afterwards that Ken could have survived as well. But then the Nasir loss would have been a win had I not despaired at the sight of all his link, forgotten than Nasir tends to go broke anyway, and chucked a Punitive in the bin. So we'll call that … even?

This is not a good deck. An non-exhaustive list of things this deck does not like to see: Account Siphon; link; Plascrete Carapace; instant-speed card draw; big money on the runner's side; Film Critic; agendas too early; Caldera; agendas too late; Obelus; traps in the bin; Logos, apparently; the absence of Mushins …

It is quite fun though. Mushin out agendas and score them, or Punitive when they're stolen, or chuckle when they turn out to be a trap. Surprise! In truth, Cerebral Overwriter only fired once all day. But there's something inherently entertaining about the theft of a Vanity Project — "oh yes! oh no … oh God" — and scoring one off the table is even more pleasing.

I nicked the initial idea from this deck, mucked around with it a bit, then asked the London Slack channel for their thoughts. "Global Food Initiative makes more sense with Punitive." "Ichi 1.0 is a decent piece of ice." "You don't need that many traps." All good, helpful stuff …

… except actually, I think a third Cerebral Overwriter would have been useful. One you're on match point (which in this deck is 3 points) then they have to run everything, and it'd be nice to be able to punish that. You could probably lose one of the many, many econ operations to squeeze it in, or maybe drop Zed 2.0. I only put it in because it looks spooky and says "2 brain damage". Could maybe use a third Archived Memories as well.

Post-rotation thoughts: er, maybe? Runners are slightly poorer, and there's no Siphon, so perhaps the Restructures and Blue Levels could be replaced by Green Levels and ... something else fun. And Eli can become Wall of Static. There. Sorted.

14 Nov 2017 emilyspine

Slack's input helpful as ever. Nice work!