Panic Prepaid Ayla

Ajak 9

Worlds 2022 was my first Worlds and I had a blast! I'm posting the deck to claim my spot. I was the only Ayla deck in the entire field.

I drove to Toronto on Friday and still had no idea what to play for Runner...

I've got nothing on a runner deck

The original list had 46 cards at breakfast and the final cut was a third Telework Contract. I knew I wasn't going to be amazing but I wanted to be comfortable rather than play a "Tier 1" meta deck or even something as complicated as Reavershop Wu. I love a big-rig Shaper that can close out a game and this definitely did that a few times.

Why Ayla?

The best part of selecting Ayla was the ability. Being able to sit down, see the ID, and choose the 4 cards from the top 6 to store for safe keeping gave me a lot of confidence. R+? Pinhole Threading and some money, maybe Misdirection. Weyland? Get that Misdirection quick. HB? Store the Twinning or Diesels and look for Aniccam/PPVP to get the engine running quicker. Jinteki? Keep the cards you don't want pinged away with the net damage.

Tech Cards

  • Clot -- This is critical as being a late game deck, I need to stop the Corp from scoring out any FAs and early agendas without some interaction.
  • Pinhole Threading -- I slotted 3 as I was really worried about getting behind on the R+ matchup and not be able to get rid of the Drago. I think this card is going to see a lot of play in the future with the next set of cards based on what was being spoiled...
  • The Twinning -- Being able to use PPVP to trigger this and gain counters outside a run was exactly what I was looking for. This allowed me to get those counters and set up, threating a multi-access run on HQ or R&D at any point.
  • Deep Dive -- It's in faction, it accesses 8 cards, plus with a Beth on the table and being a late game deck, there's a good chance the Corp will have plenty of credits to give you a 5-click turn.

Random Cards

  • Multithreader v Cezve -- Really it is based on influence... And with PPVP doing the work of Cezve in this archetype, there wasn't a reason to spend all that influence and lose out on other tech cards. Plus being able to use the Multithreader outside of the run on programs did help with getting the rig set-up.
  • Echelon v Any other Killer -- With the influence where it is, I needed an in-faction Killer. No room for a Crim Killer here and something like Revolver wouldn't work with multiple runs when trying for Twinning or Deep Dive. That left Na'Not'K or Ika... I could see Ika being a good choice but I didn't want a Magnet rez to cause problems as I figured there would be some Magnets in the meta with Botulus being so prevalent in Anarch. That only really leaves me with Echelon. Breaks Anansi for 6c. That isn't too bad and can also break a Drafter for 2c at the 3 strength floor with all programs installed.
    Also got the most requests to read the card xD
  • Harmony AR Therapy -- What happens when you draw your whole deck and your econ is gone? Or what happens when you get some net damage and you lose key cards? Or that damn Drago keeps coming back? Put your tech cards back into the deck and try again!
  • Mad Dash -- The 7th point is important and it did cost me one game. However, running without a Stargate makes it not as good as just trying to get a Deep Dive with 5 clicks off? Could be a future include.


Overall I went 3-3. I think a lot of it was just being comfortable with the archetype. I don't remember all the little nuances of the games but the biggest thing was that all my tech cards and random options did come in handy at some point! I knew going in that my Runner would be weak but I had a blast being the only Ayla in the field.

  • R1 -- W v Bladderwort CtM (AuGold)
  • R2 -- W v Sportsmetal (Zeebag)
  • R3 -- W v AgInfusion (Swiftie)
  • R4 -- L v Reality Plus (Lopert) -- This was actually a score loss if I remember correctly as I floated a tag after a Deep Dive (Funhouse on R&D?) and a Backroom Machinations gave the 7th point.
  • R5 -- L v Precision Design (tf34) -- I don't remember much from this game but I think this was one where the whiff on a Deep Dive came in. Maybe I'm misremembering? It was still pretty close and I never felt out of it but also the remote had so many upgrades and ICE on it that I had to win off centrals.
  • R6 -- L v Ob (Vale) -- I needed a 2-for-1 to get into the top cut and drew the straw to play Runner... I hadn't played this matchup too much and took at least 1 Urban Renewal to the face. I managed to snipe 2 agendas and get 5 points I think but it was a long fought game that eventually I didn't have the answer for. Would definitely need to try this matchup more in the future.
  • R7 -- ID (JKLawlings)-- My opponent and I decided to ID to ensure Top Half as we both wanted to just solidify the top half and not have one person end up feeling really bad. Besides... it was a long day!


Is this the best deck? No. But it does have a lot of answers and is a fun time for me and ultimately that's what really mattered! Thanks to all the folks at NSG for putting on a great Worlds event and all my opponents and people that I played with over the weekend! I hope I can do this again next year!