Advancing Iceberg [1-3 @ NZ Nats]

pouchsurfer 334

This was my first time playing SSO, and I thought it could do okay in a tournament given how hard it is to break high-strength barriers in the current meta. Cleaver is the fracter of choice to replace Paperclip, and Banner (which would obliterate this deck) sees no play. With Laamb unbanned this premise falls apart, of course. By playing mostly public agendas, the deck doesn't suffer from Hermes bouncing back half-advanced agendas and can go pretty fast, helped by how quickly ICE becomes threatening and/or prohibitively expensive with SSO's ability.

In addition, I had toyed with the idea of leveraging the interaction between Tucana and Anemone to surprise the runner with a flatline when they steal a City Works Project. Mavirus and Angelique Garza Correa help making CWP hard to steal.

The deck is fine at best, but I had some of the most fun and riveting games of Netrunner in a while with it, the 241 in the last round against HaverOfFun being a prime example of this!

21 Sep 2023 Kror

The real hero of NZ Nats, bringing SSO to top tables

21 Sep 2023 pouchsurfer

Hah! Saying SSO was on table 1 for half the tournament would be technically accurate