Lady of Euler

Diogene 4029

This deck is a derivative of mildesorte10 deck ( Kudos to mildesorte10 for the deck.

Using Euler, run any server for cheap. Make it cheaper with Cybertrooper Talut and Takobi. To pass a glacier, use Pelangi and Chameleon.

Rejig, Simulchip and Compile allow you to get a new Euler easily.

For creds, use Aesop's Pawnshop on Euler, Pelangi and Harbinger.

It run fast. After 20+ turns, it start to lose steam. It is fun to see a shaper run as much as criminal.


17 Feb 2021 Krams

Nice list. How much value do you get out of Paule's Café in a deck with only 1-2 install costs?

17 Feb 2021 Diogene

@Krams Paule's Café is mainly used to be able to face any second ice and third ice. Put Euler, Pelangi and Chameleon and enjoy running anywhere with impunity. It let me save a cred from Euler and Chameleon, so not much cred value. But it is quite convenient.