Maybe Maw Doesn't Suck - 2nd at UK Ranking Finals

Nemamiah 3808

Full credit to Alex White for giving me the list; I think the original came from Tugtetgut. We played it in Brighton store champs last week (came second there as well), then I tweaked the list to this version for Lozzapalooza 2.

Let's get the discussion about Maw out of the way. It's a good card in the right list, which I think this is, but you absolutely can't just drop it in to any list and expect to do well. It's much worse in Reg Val, for example, but MaxX helps you find and exploit it early and Mopus let's you absorb the econ hit of installing it. Plus you get to pull silly faces and say Maw in ridiculous faux American accents.

The rest of the list is fairly standard. You can probably cut the Feedback Filter for another Femme, but I knew two of my five group games would be spiky AgInfusion and PE so needed it for this event. You might want to jiggle the cutlery around as well; a second Spooned may well be better than Forked.

Always Rebirth in to Omar, or maybe Null against Rewiring CI. Kim will fill your life with regret.

If you want to tweak the list then Citadel Sanctuary and Bhagat are both potential one of inclusions.

4 Dec 2017 Swiftie

Is there any time you want to rebirth into Reina?...

5 Dec 2017 TugtetguT

I've been trying to come up with a good "maw doesn't suck" pun for weeks :-) Bhagats are brutal

5 Dec 2017 Nemamiah

Yeah, I'd really like a Shouty Man to stack up the value for your accesses

6 Dec 2017 spags

Ofc Maw doesn't suck.

Great deck. @TugtetguTlove the build!

7 Dec 2017 TheBigBoy

Nah man, it's bad. But you're good so it's ok

World champs can get away with running 4/10 cards ;)

20 Dec 2017 Klopstock

I wonder how this list plays against Rewiring-CI. You don't have kill protection and can't stop Fast Advance, you also don't have the Multi-Access to win quickly. The match-up seems pretty bad to me. Or did I miss something?

20 Dec 2017 Cliquil

Whilst I am not the quality of player that Chris is I have played this deck and have found that, yes, it isn't an idea match up but Maw can begin to be a big part of disrupting the combo before it can happen. Equally you might be surprised as to how quickly a Turning Wheel becomes multi access to not be sniffed at. That said you are right that it isn't beautiful.