Stealth Kit [Modded Format]

suzume 7

[intermediate difficulty]

In this deck, we use Penrose as its sole Icebreaker to maximize the Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman's ability to code-gatify any ICE. As a bonus, Penrose is ridiculously good at breaking most ICE (a lot of the ICE in modded are strength 5 and below), allowing you to break most ICE for cheap! Even the might Týr only takes 2 stealth to boost and 3 to break!

This also means that no corporations can keep you out with a single piece of ICE. You can also challenge deeper servers once you have Pelangi out (though note that you can only use it once per turn normally). Use Spec Work or Aesop's Pawnshop to fulfill Simulchip's requirement and get some , in the process. Or just use Simulchip to trash that Pelangi/Penrose and reinstall it if you have to so you can dig deeper into the server.

Do note that Penrose relies heavily on stealth credits, so keep it flowing with Trickster Taka & Mantle.

Use The Maker's Eye & R&D Interface to punish the corp if they don't ICE it up, keep the pressure up. Just because we don't have a Stargate in our deck doesn't make us any less threatening.

Because our deck relies heavily on changing ICE subtypes, it makes sense to mold the landscape to our desired playing field using Cordyceps. Example, non Code Gate at outermost position so we can take advantage of Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman's ability, or an entirely Code Gate server. Barriers are good for us too with some Shaper BS by using Simulchip/Test Run/Self-modifying Code to install or re-install a Penrose.

Draw the cards you require with Professional Contacts, Diesel and Spec Work. Your econ will primarily be Trickster Taka + Keiko, Professional Contacts and Rezeki in addition to the usual econ cards.

If you ever run out of , you can always pop a Stimhack out of nowhere and surprise the corp.

19 Dec 2020 Dirjel

I played a game with this list, it was fun! Kit + Penrose is surprisingly versatile, but I got lucky with the corp's ice placement and won really early.

Thanks for sharing the list!